OpenSSF Day Europe

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OpenSSF Day Europe Program Committee

  • Jeffrey Borek headshot

    Working to build a scalable and consistent supply chain security platform, while continuing to lead the consumption compliance Open Source Program Office (OSPO), including policy, guidance and execution. Working with IBM Government & Regulatory Affairs, Software, Systems, Cloud, Consulting, Innersource, Legal, Research, and Red Hat to address emerging requires of US Executive Order on Cybersecurity, including Supply Chain Security guidance, Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), and related foundations/standards bodies alignment (Linux Foundation, OpenSSF, NTIA, ISO, NIST, etc.). He is currently the alternate for the Governing Board and Chair of the Governance Committee of the OpenSSF.

  • Lori Lorusso headshot

    Lori has a passion and enthusiasm for working with the developer community. She speaks at conferences and community events advocating on behalf of developers. Lori was 2023 Marketing Chair of the CNCF, Chair of the CDF Outreach Marketing Committee, program chair of cdCon 2023, and is a CNCF Ambassador. She co-hosts the CD Pipeline on behalf of the CDF with TechstrongTV. She is committed to helping open source and other tech communities grow and adapt in our ever changing environment.

  • Ivana Atanasova headshot
    Ivana Atanasova Open Source Engineer, VMware
  • Aeva Black headshot

    Aeva Black is a queer and non-binary hacker. After nearly twenty five years of contributing to and leading open source projects while working in the private sector, Aeva now leads open source security for the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

  • Dan Appelquist headshot
    Dan Appelquist Open Source & Open Standards Strategy Director, Snyk
  • Georg Kunz headshot
    Georg Kunz Open Source Program Manager, Ericsson
  • Munawar Hafiz headshot
    Munawar Hafiz CEO, OpenRefactory
  • Dustin Ingram headshot
    Dustin Ingram Staff Software Engineer, Google & Director, Python Software Foundation