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Community Developer Travel Fund

The Linux Foundation has realized it’s vitally important for community developers to attend technical conferences to enable face-to-face collaboration. While the open source community was built on online participation, there is still no substitute for face-to-face meetings, especially when planning or driving consensus. In fact, many of the important technical breakthroughs in open source history occurred during these conferences. Many open source developers, however, cannot get funding from their employers or pay for their own travel to attend these conferences. The Linux Foundation decided to create a fund for these deserving developers to accelerate technical problem solving and collaboration in the open source community.

Sponsorships are open to elite community developers with a proven track record of open source development achievement who cannot get funding to attend technical events from employers. During the application process, applicants will need to point to their development achievements in key upstream Linux projects. Conferences covered by this fund include the LF Collaboration Summits held three times a year, the Linux Foundation’s Japan Symposiums, the Kernel Summit, Ottawa Linux Summit,, desktop conferences such as Guadec and Akademy and other technical conferences where true collaboration takes place. The Travel Fund does not offer sponsorships to trade shows or non technical conferences.

Community developers can apply here.