New Open Source Databases Track at Open Source Summit North America & Europe

Open source has been consistently fueling innovations over the past several decades. Many industries are leveraging and deriving value with the use of open source software. As the open source ecosystem has grown, we also observe several shifts in deployment strategies and the accompanying need for knowledge to build end to end solutions with this vast ecosystem.  Today there is barely any need that cannot be solved by integrating the right piece of open source software. The classical conferences that professionals attend to develop their expertise are mostly focused on a single piece of the ecosystem. This has become evident from most user feedback attending the many open source conferences. 

Open Source Summit, run by the Linux Foundation in North America, Europe, China, and Japan is one of the few conferences that is working to bring together the vast open source ecosystem under one platform. These conventions are increasingly used as a platform for open source thought leaders, influencers, hiring managers, professionals, and developers to talk about their plans for the technological landscape, the development of their respective projects, and the integration between different aspects of said landscape.

The Open Source Summit covers a lot of ground in open source infrastructure, but most notably does not include open source databases.  With databases being a critical piece of any stack or infrastructure, we are pleased to facilitate a dedicated track related to open source databases in North American (Austin) and European (Dublin) open source summits. The open source database track will feature topics specific to databases themselves and their integration to the computing backbone for applications.  The track will focus on databases of all kinds, as long as they are open source, and any deployment and integration topics.

The program committee of Divya Bhargov (Pivotal), Sunil Kamath (Microsoft), and Michael Meskes (credativ) wants to create a very diverse schedule and welcomes everyone to propose database related presentations.  See you in Austin and/or in Dublin.

Submit to speak at Open Source Summit North America (Deadline: Feb 16) or Europe (Deadline: June 14).

-Michael Meskes, Credativ