Cloud Native Security Day

This event has passed. View the upcoming KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + other CNCF Events.


Cloud Native Security Day is designed to bring together the cloud native security community together to discuss and share current challenges and solutions in cloud native security.  This event provides a single place for people involved or getting involved in cloud native security to get together in a vendor neutral space.

This event allows and encourages open collaboration and sharing of cloud native security accomplishments and roadblocks.  Cloud native security is a multi-objective and multi-constrained problem space spanning many areas. Pretty much everything falls into security, from identity management to storage solutions. Cloud Native Security Day (#cnsecurityday) is intended to drive collaboration, discussion, and knowledge sharing of cloud native security accomplishments and roadblocks. Get connected with others that are passionate about security. Learn from practitioners about pitfalls to avoid, hurdles to jump, and how to integrate security into your cloud native project, architecture, and enhance team awareness on security.

Expectations and Takeaways

Cloud Native Security Day will follow format is a combination of curated talks and self-organized conversations.. In addition to keynotes and talks, we will also leverage open spaces in the afternoon. We believe this format will allow for great collaborations and engagement from the cloud native security community to take on challenges and present solutions with one another in a comfortable setting. This will allow attendees to network, explore, learn, and educate all in a single day.

If you are interested in learning more about open spaces  please check out the below:
* Agile for All – Open Spaces Conferences
* [DevOps Days – Open Space Format](

We are hopeful that, in addition to some great exchanges, that we’ll be able to share and capture topics, discussions, and key points of CNCF SIG Security’s charter.