Open Source Summit Europe

This event has passed. Please visit the upcoming Open Source Summit Europe.

Ask the Experts Sessions

October 26 – 29 | Timing Varies; View the Schedule!
Registration Cost: Complimentary; No Sign-up Required

This is your chance to chat directly with Linux kernel and other open source project maintainers, community leaders and technical experts to get all of your questions answered in our Reddit AMA style Q&A sessions. Sessions with speakers below are listed on the schedule. Be sure not to miss out! Our Ask the Expert lineup includes:

  • Sam Ramji, Chief Strategy Officer, DataStax | Expert Topic: Microservices 2.0
  • Calista Redmond, CEO, RISC-V Foundation | Expert Topic: RISC-V / Open Hardware + Leading Open Source from Within Corporations + Community Leadership
  • Tim Bird, Principal Software Engineer, Sony | Expert Topic: Embedded Linux
  • Tracy Miranda, Executive Director, Continuous Delivery Foundation | Expert Topic: CI/CD and DevOps
  • Shuli Goodman, Executive Director, LF Energy | Expert Topic: LF Energy
  • Thomas Gleixner, CTO, Linutronix GmbH | Expert Topic: All Things Kernel
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux Kernel Developer and Linux Fellow, The Linux Foundation | Expert Topic: Linux Kernel
  • Dawn Foster, Director of Open Source Community Strategy, VMware | Expert Topic: CHAOSS, Community Management & OS Leadership
  • Liz Rice, VP, Open Source Engineering, Aqua Security | Expert Topic: Container Security
  • Sveta Smirnova, Principal Support Escalation Specialist, Percona | Expert Topic: Open Source Databases
  • Mandy Chessell, ODPi TSC Chairperson and ODPi Egeria project chairperson, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM | Expert Topic: ODPi Egeria
  • Richard Purdie, Fellow & Yocto Project Architect, The Linux Foundation | Expert Topic: Yocto Project
  • Jan Kiszka, Sr. Key Expert, Siemens AG | Expert Topic: TBA

Note: You must be registered for OSS+ELC Europe Virtual Experience to participate.