Automotive Linux Summit

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Automotive Linux Summit

December 14-15, 2021

Virtual Experience

Open Source Summit Japan + Automotive Linux Summit 2021 バーチャル イベントは、無事終了いたしました。30か国から約430名の方々にご参加いただきました。ご参加くださいました参加者、スポンサー、講演者の皆様、どうもありがとうございました。

That’s a wrap on the Open Source Summit Japan + Automotive Linux Summit 2021 Virtual Experience! We welcomed almost 430 attendees, from 30 countries – thank you to all the attendees, sponsors, and speakers that joined us virtually this year. 

イベント プラットフォームは30日間アクセス可能で、セッション記録を見ることができ、多くの素晴らしい体験をお楽しみいただけます。また、すべてのセッションの記録はYouTubeチャンネルに移行されます。

The event platform will continue to be accessible for 30 days where you can view session recordings, visit sponsor booths and enjoy many of our experiences. We will also migrate all session recordings to our Linux Foundation YouTube channel.

Automotive Linux Summit (ALS) には、自動車関連の専門家やオープンソース エキスパートの中でも極めて革新的な考え方を持つ人々が集結します。たとえば、自動車システム エンジニア、Linux エキスパート、R&D マネージャー、ビジネス エグゼクティブ、オープンソース ライセンスやコンプライアンスのスペシャリスト、Linux コミュニティに参加している開発者などです。このイベントは、自動車分野のイノベーションを牽引している開発者コミュニティと、自動車分野における組込み機器の未来を牽引するためにコードの提供や利用を行っているベンダーやユーザーとを結びつけます。

Automotive Linux Summit gathers the most innovative minds from automotive expertise and open source excellence. This includes automotive system engineers, Linux experts, R&D managers, business executives, open source licensing and compliance specialists, and community developers. The event connects the developer community driving the innovation in this area together with the vendors and users providing and using the code in order to drive the future of embedded devices in the automotive arena.


  • Jim Zemlin headshot

    Jim’s career spans three of the largest technology trends to rise over the last decade: mobile computing, cloud computing and open source software. Today, as executive director of The Linux Foundation, he uses this experience to accelerate innovation in technology through the use of open source and Linux.

    At The Linux Foundation, Jim works with the world’s largest technology companies, including IBM, Intel, Google, Samsung, Qualcomm, and others to help define the future of computing on the server, in the cloud, and on a variety of new mobile computing devices. His work at the vendor-neutral Linux Foundation gives him a unique and aggregate perspective on the global technology industry.

    Jim has been recognized for his insights on the changing economics of the technology industry. His writing has appeared in Businessweek, Wired, and other top technology journals, and he is a regular keynote speaker at industry events. He advises a variety of startups, including Splashtop, and sits on the boards of the Global Economic Symposium, Open Source For America, and Chinese Open Source Promotion Union.

  • Kate Stewart headshot

    Kate Stewart is a Senior Director of Strategic Programs, responsible for the Open Compliance programs encompassing the SPDX, FOSSology, OpenChain, and other compliance-related projects. Kate was one of the founders of SPDX, and is currently the specification lead. Since joining The Linux Foundation, she has also launched Real-Time Linux and Zephyr Project.

    With almost 30 years of experience in the software industry, she has held a variety of roles and worked as a developer in Canada, Australia, and the US and for the last 20 years has managed software development teams in the US, Canada, UK, India, and China. She received her Master’s in computer science from the University of Waterloo and her Bachelor’s of computer science (co-op program) from the University of Manitoba.

  • Dan Cauchy headshot

    Dan is the General Manager of Automotive at The Linux Foundation and the Executive Director of Automotive Grade Linux. He is responsible for the overall management and execution of the Automotive Grade Linux collaborative project, an industry effort to build an open source automotive reference platform backed by leading car manufacturers around the world.

    Dan has over 22 years of experience spanning the automotive, telecom, networking, and mobile business verticals. Prior to his current position, Dan was the Vice President and General Manager of MontaVista’s Automotive Business Unit (acquired by Mentor), responsible for P&L and worldwide execution of MontaVista’s automotive software strategy, sales, marketing, products, and services. During this period, Dan served on the Board of Directors of the GENIVI Alliance and was responsible for the creation of the GENIVI Compliance Program, a group that he chaired for its first three years, which led to the release of the GENIVI Specification, a widely adopted standard in the automotive industry. While at MontaVista, Dan previously held the position of VP of Marketing and BD, where he was responsible for the development and execution of MontaVista’s global marketing strategy, which led to an acquisition by Cavium.

    Based in Silicon Valley, Dan has extensive startup experience. He was the Director of Product Management at Atrica (acquired by Nokia-Siemens Networks), a carrier Ethernet equipment provider startup. Prior to Atrica, Dan was the Director of Architecture and Strategy at BlueLeaf Networks, a tunable laser optical networking startup (now Picarro). He also previously held senior management positions and engineering leadership positions at Cisco Systems, Newbridge Networks (acquired by Alcatel), and Nortel.

    Dan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (with a Computer Engineering major) from the University of Ottawa. He holds three patents in the areas of routing and networking, with several others pending.

  • Miguel Ojeda headshot

    Miguel is a software engineer that maintains the Rust for Linux effort, as well as the auxdisplay, compiler attributes and clang-format trees. He also participates in the ISO C committee, with an interest in UB and memory-safety topics.

    Previously, Miguel was a Staff Member at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) in the Beams department and Fellow in the Physics department.

  • Ibrahim Haddad headshot

    Dr. Ibrahim Haddad is the Executive Director of the LF AI & Data Foundation . Throughout his career, Haddad has held technology and portfolio management roles at Ericsson Research, the Open Source Development Labs, Motorola, Palm, Hewlett-Packard, the Linux Foundation and Samsung Research. He writes and speaks on topics ranging from legal compliance to using open source as an R&D tool to drive collaboration and innovation. [@IbrahimAtLinux]

  • Josh Aas headshot

    Josh Aas co-founded Let’s Encrypt and the entity behind it, Internet Security Research Group, in 2013. Let’s Encrypt, a nonprofit service, is now the world’s largest provider of TLS certificates. Josh currently serves as the organization’s Executive Director and Chair of the Board of Directors. Josh has dedicated much of his professional life to creating a better Web, with a focus on privacy and security. Prior to starting Let’s Encrypt, Josh spent more than a decade with Mozilla.

  • Brian Behlendorf headshot

    Brian Behlendorf was a primary developer of the Apache Web server, the most popular web server software on the Internet, and a founding member of the Apache Software Foundation. He has also served on the board of the Mozilla Foundation since 2003 and the Electronic Frontier Foundation since 2013. He was the founding CTO of CollabNet and CTO of the World Economic Forum. Most recently, Behlendorf was a managing director at Mithril Capital Management LLC, a global technology investment firm.

  • Dr. Audrey Lee headshot

    Dr. Audrey Lee is Senior Director of Energy Strategy at Microsoft, where she works at the intersection of policy, technology, and commercial opportunities on the Microsoft datacenter energy and sustainability team. She also serves on the Boards of ArcLight Clean Transition II (NASDAQ: ACTD), a special purpose acquisition company focused on sustainable energy, and Redaptive Inc., deploying energy efficiency-as-a-service across large commercial real estate portfolios. She volunteers as a board member of Gridworks and Clean Energy for America Education Fund. Between 2020 and 2021, she served as an Advisor to LF Energy.

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