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Travel Funding

The communities that traditionally attend this event are distributed around the world, with many participants overseas still unable to enter the US this fall. While all of our events have global communities, a look at the data for this particular event shows that participation is being affected much more significantly. Thus, we feel it is best for all event participants to move to a fully-virtual event and put all of our efforts into making that an amazing experience for everyone.

Open Networking & Edge Summit + Kubernetes on Edge Day 2021 is now a Virtual Experience, October 11-12 on the Pacific Daylight Time Zone (PDT). You will have the ability to network with other attendees, attend sessions with live speaker Q&A, interact with sponsors real time and much more – all virtually, from anywhere. Registration is US$50 through October 5. Starting on October 6, the fee will increase to $150.

The Linux Foundation’s Travel Fund is intended to enable open source developers and community members to attend events that they would otherwise be unable to attend due to a lack of funding. We place an emphasis on funding applicants who are from historically underrepresented or untapped groups and/or those of lower socioeconomic status. If you work for a company that has the ability to fund your travel, we ask that you not apply, to save funds for those that need it.

Please fill out the form below to have your funding request considered. We receive about a thousand requests for funding each year. In order to maximize spend, travel fund assistance may only be used for:

  • coach airfare tickets
  • accommodations (up to 4 nights only).
  • ground transportation to/from the airport

Funds may not be used for miscellaneous travel expenses including food, visa costs, non-airport transportation, baggage fees, etc.

The Linux Foundation is trying to use funds to assist as many people as possible. As such:

  • We are often unable to fund one person across multiple events in a year
  • Lower cost travel funding requests are more likely to get approved
  • We typically do not fund the same person two years in a row
  • Decisions are final, and reapplying for the same event after receiving a denial does not increase your chances of getting funded

Note: If your travel fund application is approved, you will be required to show proof of attendance in order to be reimbursed. Receipt of Travel Funding does not guarantee entry to the event.  Recipients need to adhere to The Linux Foundation COVID-19 rules and regulations. If the recipient does not meet COVID-19 requirements for the event, the travel fund allotted is null and void. Should the recipient not be able to travel due to COVID-19 and travel has already been booked, the recipient will need to work with airlines and hotels to receive a refund. If a refund is not a possibility, The Linux Foundation will reimburse for incurred travel expenses within the allotted amount. Please Note: Attendance at 2021 in-person events requires proof of vaccination.

For questions, please contact

Travel Funding Application Deadline: August 20, 2021 | All Applicants Notified By: August 27, 2021







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