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Hackathon Participant Guidelines

registration details

Please register for SODACODE 2022 here.

How to Join the hackathon & Contribute

There are multiple projects participating with SODACODE 2022. You will get all of the project information from SODACODE 2022 event page and also through our communication with each of the participants.

Please note that whenever you contribute to any of the projects, use the GitHub ID provided in the registration information.

We will be providing orientation sessions to all participants to introduce each project and how to contribute to each of them.

General Contribution Steps

  • Each project will have issues labelled for SODACODE 2022
  • You can develop or provide fixes for any issues labelled for SODACODE 2022
  • The contributions should be done within the window of SODACODE 2022 Hackathon START and END (please refer the event page)
Development contributions (Fix me now or new feat)
  • You can clone the respective project, develop locally
  • Raise the pull request along with the issue id and test report
  • The project maintainers will review
  • Please fix the review comments on time
  • Maintainers will finally merge the code if it is acceptable.
  • Each issue will be evaluated based on the complexity and quality of development
  • These contributions can be source code development or documentations
  • Successful merge confirms a successful contribution
Testing Contributions (hack or break)
  • There will test issues created in the respective projects with SODACODE 2022 label
  • Please take these test tasks and provide the test report
  • You can create your bugs, based on your testing in the respective projects and mark the original test issue id for reference
  • Maintainers will comment and confirm whether the issue is accepted or not
  • Once the issue is accepted, then it will be considered a successful contribution

Evaluation + Winners

The project maintainers and expert team will review all of the contributions based on various attributes of development. 

Winners will be announced in different categories as specified on the event page.

Speaking Opportunities

The winners and noted contributors will be invited to speak and share their experience at the SODACODE 2022 global conference. 

The organizers will communicate and support you for the same.

Future Opportunities

Each of your contributions will be visible to experts and hiring managers of every project and other partnering organizations. This will provide you with career opportunities and new open source contribution channels. 

SODACODE 2022 can provide a great start for a beginner in open source and increase a professional’s technical credibility and visibility in the industry.



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