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timeline of important dates

participating projects

SODA ODF includes MultiCloud, Delfin, Dashboard, Installer, API, Controller, and Dock.

The Project Joining Application has been closed. Thank you for your submission.

themes & categories

You get to contribute to any of the listed projects of SODACODE 2022 (More projects are getting added!). So you get a chance to work with various technical areas of Data and Storage management and develop code in different languages (Go, Python, Ansible, HTML, JavaScript and more).


Hack or Break
Show your testing skills to find valuable bugs in the projects

Fix Me Now
Bring the debugger in you!
Fix the bugs or optimize the code.

New Feat!
Have a new feature?
Design and develop it for the projects!


This will contain comparatively simpler tasks.
Helps you to get your early contributions to open source.

This may test your expertise and the
problems can be a bit more complex to solve.

hackAthon participant guidelines

Please review the guidelines outlined here. Please be sure to review the rules and regulations found on the SODACODE 2022 GitHub.

evaluation & Review commitTee

SODACODE 2022 Evaluation Committee provides the final evaluation decisions for the winners of SODACODE 2022. It comprises the core evaluation committee members and project evaluation committee. Project evaluation members provide the project-specific evaluation of the contributions. Based on these inputs and overall contribution analysis, the core evaluation committee finalizes and approves the winners.

Core Evaluation Committee

  • Rakesh Jain headshot
    Rakesh Jain IBM
  • Sanil Kumar D headshot
    Sanil Kumar D Huawei
  • Kei Kusunoki headshot
    Kei Kusunoki NTT
  • Anjaneya Reddy headshot
    Anjaneya Reddy Intel
  • Xin Zhong headshot
    Xin Zhong China Unicom
  • Masanori Itoh headshot
    Masanori Itoh Toyota

project Evaluation Committee

  • Kiran Mova headshot
    Kiran Mova OpenEBS, VMware
  • Dr. Keshava Munegowda headshot
    Dr. Keshava Munegowda SBK, Goldman Sachs
  • Vinothini Raju headshot
    Vinothini Raju Configurator, Gopaddle
  • Yusuf Yildiz headshot
    Yusuf Yildiz LinStor, LinBit
  • Xiaochun He headshot
    Xiaochun He CubeFS, Oppo
  • Kevin Wang Karmada & KubeEdge, Huawei
  • John Bent headshot
    John Bent CORTX, Seagate
  • Patrick Hession headshot
    Patrick Hession CORTX, Seagate
  • Senthil Raja Chermapandian headshot
    Senthil Raja Chermapandian Kube-fledged, Ericsson
  • Johann Lombardi headshot
    Johann Lombardi DAOS, Intel
  • Ashit Kumar headshot
    Ashit Kumar SODA ODF Projects, Amazon
  • Joseph V P headshot
    Joseph V P SODA ODF Projects, Huawei
  • Sushantha Kumar headshot
    Sushantha Kumar SODA ODF Projects, Huawei
  • Prakash R headshot
    Prakash R SODA ODF Projects, Oracle
  • Pravin Ranjan headshot
    Pravin Ranjan SODA ODF Projects, Huawei
  • Mohammad Asif Siddiqui headshot
    Mohammad Asif Siddiqui SODA ODF Projects, VMware
  • Anvith K.S headshot
    Anvith K.S SODA ODF Projects, Huawei
  • Himanshu Varshney headshot
    Himanshu Varshney SODA ODF Projects, Delphix India Pvt. Ltd.


top prize
(Most Valuable Programmer)

iPhone 13 Pro

(1 available)

category 1

Best Team
USD 1000

3 Winners
USD 400 each

6 Rising Stars
USD 100 Each

category 2

Best Team
USD 1000

3 Winners
USD 400 each

6 Rising Stars
USD 100 Each



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