Protected: Linux Foundation All-Hands Meeting


General information

Please be sure you’re familiar with the LF Expense Policy before booking any travel.

All expenses for the LF All-Hands Meeting should be charged to:

  • Category: Staff Development
  • Projects: (Insert if you have one)
  • Events: LF All Hands Mtg 0522

Things to expense

  • Hotel: Nights covered by the Linux Foundation will be charged to the master bill. You will be required to put a credit card down upon check-in for any incidentals, along with any additional nights you’ve requested outside of the nights covered by the LF.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided for all attendees Monday – Thursday (attendees on own for breakfast Monday and dinner Thursday night). Any extracurricular activities, food, and drinks, during the week, cannot be expensed. Per diem on travel days is $60 per person domestically and $100 per person internationally.
  • Transportation: Transportation to/from the airport can be expensed within Expensify, with an accompanying receipt.

All expenses should be submitted through Expensify unless otherwise noted by your manager.

Policies + procedures

  • Expenses in excess of 90 days old will not be reimbursed.
  • Expenses will be reimbursed on the first available date after approval.
  • Travel expenses must be estimated and verbally approved by the head of the employee’s department prior to the purchase of tickets or the date of travel.
  • Detailed supporting documents must be submitted for all expenses in excess of $25.00 USD unless submitting a Guaranteed Receipt (see Expensify Setup and Training tutorial).
    • In most cases, this is evidenced by a receipt from the payee describing the product or service purchased.
    • Airfare can be supported by a copy of an electronic ticket as long as it stipulates the itinerary for travel AND the ticket cost detail.
    • E-mailed receptions for online purchases are acceptable as long as they specify items purchased and the method of payment used.
    • By using the Guaranteed Receipt, you are not required to provide a paper receipt for credit card expenses under $25 expect lodging
  • Mileage must be supported by Google map data and will be reimbursed at the prevailing “Standard Mileage Rate” established by the IRS.
  1. Preparer should:
    • Audit all expense items. Make sure there are supporting receipts.
    • Provide details in Comment fields (i.e., RT Airfare from SFO-LAX March 1-5 for Meeting with Samsung).
    • Make sure that the expenses are within limits and are approved as required by company policy.
    • Submit expense reports through your Expensify account to your manager for final approval.
  2. Finance/Accounting Dept will receive final approved report from employee’s manager, and Expensify will pay out the expense.
  3. Methods of Payment (set up in Expensify):
    • Direct Deposit (domestic only): employee will be reimbursed through direct deposit to employee’s personal bank account.
    • For employees outside the United States, reimbursement will be via wire transfer to employee’s personal bank account.
    • You can also link your PayPal account for reimbursement.