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OpenSSF Day

Monday, June 20 | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Lone Star Ballroom G/H, JW Marriott Austin
Registration Cost: Complimentary – Pre-registration Required

OpenSSF Day is a full day of sessions, hosted by Brian Behlendorf, General Manager at the Open Source Security Foundation. Presentations will be led by working group leads who will present on subjects such as Best Practice Badges and Other Good Practices, Three Things Your Open Source Project Must Consider, and Securing Critical Projects.

The day will conclude with a panel discussion on the Future of Securing Open Source Software.

Registration and attendance are free for all those with a conference badge. 


View the OpenSSF Day schedule & directory.

openssf day speakers

  • Stephen Augustus headshot

    Stephen is a Black engineering director and leader in open source communities.

    He is Cisco’s first Head of Open Source, within the Emerging Technologies & Incubation division.

    For Kubernetes, he has co-founded transformational elements of the project, including the KEP (Kubernetes Enhancements Proposal) process, the Release Engineering subproject, and Working Group Naming. Stephen has also previously served as a chair for both SIG PM and SIG Azure.

    He continues his work in Kubernetes as a Chair for SIG Release, a Lead for WG Naming, and an owner of Enhancements subproject.

    Across the wider CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) ecosystem, Stephen has the pleasure of being one of the Program Chairs for KubeCon / CloudNativeCon, the cloud native community’s flagship conference, a SIG Contributor Strategy Chair, and a maintainer for the Dex project.

    He is a prolific contributor to CNCF projects, amongst the top 25 (as of writing) code/content committers, all-time.

    In 2020, Stephen co-founded the Inclusive Naming Initiative, a cross-industry group dedicated to helping projects and companies make consistent, responsible choices to remove harmful language across codebases, standards, and documentation. He leads multiple workstreams here and maintains the initiative’s infrastructure.

    He has previously held positions at VMWare (via Heptio), Red Hat, and CoreOS.

    Stephen is based in New York City.

  • Brian Behlendorf headshot

    Brian has served most recently as General Manager and CTO of the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), has served as Executive Director of Hyperledger, and formerly as CTO of the World Economic Forum. He currently serves on the boards of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) since 2013, the Mozilla Foundation since 2003, and the Filecoin Foundation since 2021. 

  • Anne Bertucio headshot

    Anne leads program development in Google’s Open Source Programs Office (OSPO). The Program Development Team helps teams at Alphabet develop, contribute to, and release open source software with an eye towards strategy, sustainability, and the spirit of the Open Source Definition. The Program Development Team works across domains, from cloud to data analytics to gaming to security.

  • Caleb Brown headshot
    Caleb Brown Senior Software Engineer, Google
  • Bob Callaway headshot

    Bob is the tech lead & manager of the supply chain integrity group in Google’s Open Source Security Team. He and his team directly contribute to critical OSS secure software supply chain projects (including sigstore that he co-founded), as well as help drive adoption of best practices throughout the broader open source ecosystem.

  • Julia Ferraioli headshot
    Julia Ferraioli Open Source Human, Open Source Stories
  • Rao Lakkakula headshot
    Rao Lakkakula Executive Director, Cybersecurity & Technology Controls, JP Morgan Chase
  • Dan Lorenc headshot

    Dan Lorenc is co-founder and CEO of Chainguard, a leading software supply chain security company. Dan has been working on and worrying about containers since 2015 as an engineer and manager. He started projects like Minikube, Skaffold, and Kaniko to make containers easy and fun, then got so worried about the state of OSS supply-chains he partnered up with Kim and others to found the Tekton and Sigstore projects to make it easier to build and use containers securely; as well as SLSA to create a common language for software security and supply chain integrity. He has been involved with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, chaired the Continuous Delivery Foundation technical oversight committee, and sits on the governing board and technical advisory committee for the Open Source Security Foundation. You can find him on Twitter @lorenc_dan.

  • Jeff Mendoza headshot
    Jeff Mendoza Google
  • Amir Montazery headshot
    Amir Montazery Managing Director, OSTIF
  • Guy Podjarney headshot
    Guy Podjarney CEO & Founder, snyk
  • Michael Scovetta headshot
    Michael Scovetta Principal Security PM Manager, Microsoft
  • Dr. David A. Wheeler headshot

    Dr. David A. Wheeler is an expert on open source software (OSS) and on developing secure software. He is the Director of Open Source Supply Chain Security at the Linux Foundation and teaches a graduate course in developing secure software at George Mason University (GMU). Dr. Wheeler has a PhD in Information Technology, a Master’s in Computer Science, a certificate in Information Security, a certificate in Software Engineering, and a B.S. in Electronics Engineering, all from George Mason University (GMU). He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He lives in Northern Virginia.

  • Michael Winser headshot
    Michael Winser Group Product Manager, Supply Chain Security and CI/CD, Google