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Kid’s Day

Kid’s Day

Join us for an exciting and educational experience at Kid’s Day during KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America. Designed to engage young minds in the world of technology and innovation, Kid’s Day offers a fun-filled day of interactive activities and workshops tailored for children aged 8 to 14. Geared towards inspiring the next generation of tech enthusiasts, Kid’s Day provides a unique opportunity for children to explore the world of cloud computing, Kubernetes, and open source technologies in an inclusive and supportive environment. Whether your child is already curious about technology or you’re hoping to spark their interest, Kid’s Day promises an unforgettable learning adventure for the tech leaders of tomorrow.


sunday, November 5 | 9:00 – 12:30

Location: Marriott Marquis Chicago

Cost: There is no cost to attend. However, you must pre-register for the event. Please register by Friday, October 27.

What to Bring: Bring a great attitude and an open mind! All equipment and light refreshments will be provided.

Workshop Information

*Kids will participate in 2 of the 4 workshops provided. Workshops will be selected in advance when registering for the event.

Minecraft Modding

Every child loves Minecraft. Modifying (modding) Minecraft requires some basic computer skills but can then unleash their creativity. Through mods, kids can create characters, special effects, and bring their imagination to a game they already love playing. The CNCF community will bring our passion for technology and inclusion to Chicago area children. As an outcome, attendees will learn basic computer skills, apply their creativity, and hopefully be inspired by technology and heard by technologists.

Phippy and Friends Raspberry Pi Zoo Rescue

The Pods from the zoo escaped and stole all the containers from Captain Kube’s ship! Goldie, Zee, and other friends were hiding inside the containers and now they have gone missing. Help Phippy chase down all the Pods, return the containers to Captain Kube, and rescue his friends.

To save Phippy’s friends you will need to use a Raspberry Pi and wire up various sensors that can help you to capture the elusive Pods. Hardware will be provided for this workshop, but we recommend that you purchase your own Raspberry Pi to continue deploying containers at home!

Stories and Games with Scratch

Kids can create interactive stories, games, and animations by programming with Scratch. Through fun exercises, kids will learn the basics of how to get started with the Scratch programming language. We will have kids engage in design activities using sprites and blocks and show personal creativity by solving problems. At the end of the workshop, they will be able to share their creations with other attendees as well as others in the online community.

Sonic Pi Workshop for Kids – Unleashing the Magic of Music through Code

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating musical journey unlike any other? Welcome to the wondrous world of Sonic Pi, where creativity meets technology, and music comes to life through code! This workshop is tailor-made for curious and imaginative kids who want to explore the captivating intersection of music and programming. In this hands-on Sonic Pi workshop, children will be introduced to the exciting concept of live coding music. Sonic Pi is a powerful, open-source programming language specifically designed to let you compose, perform, and experiment with sound in real time. It offers a unique and engaging platform to foster a love for both music and coding. No prior coding or music experience is necessary! Participants only need a curious mind and a desire to learn.

Who Can Attend?

CNCF would like to invite children in the Chicago area who are interested in technology, coding, and STEAM fields. This workshop is appropriate for ages 8 – 14 (kids under 8 are welcome, but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).

Health + Safety

All participants must abide by our Health + Safety requirements.







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