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registration Scholarships

The RISC-V International’s Registration Scholarship program exists to support individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend RISC-V International events in two categories:

Registration Scholarship recipients will receive a complimentary registration pass. Registration Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of need and impact. Selection will be made by an assembled group of reviewers who will assess each applicant’s request. 

Receipt of a scholarship does not, on its own, guarantee entry to the event. Recipients need to adhere to RISC-V Health and Safety rules and regulations or the scholarship is null and void. 

Applicants can be approved for up to 2 (two) Registration Scholarships per calendar year.

Application Deadline
Nov 2, 2023
At 11:59 PM PDT
notifications by
Nov 3, 2023

travel funding

Please note: Travel expenses are not covered under this Registration Scholarship. If you require travel funding in order to attend this event, please fill out the Travel Fund Request Form prior to submitting this Registration Scholarship application.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide Travel Funding for all requests received. If you require Travel Funding in order to attend this event, we ask that you wait for confirmation that your request has been approved before completing the Registration Scholarship request.

Receipt of Travel Funding does not guarantee entry to the event. Recipients need to adhere to RISC-V Health and Safety rules and regulations or the travel fund allotted is null and void.

Application Deadline
September 18
at 9:00 AM PT
applicants notified by
September 22

RISC-V International recommends that Registration Scholarship and Travel Funding applicants check with the event host country’s visa and application requirements prior to application submission.


Reach out to events@riscv.org and a member of our team will be in touch.






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