Xen Project Developer & Design Summit

This event has passed. Please visit the upcoming Xen Project Summit.

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Questions? Please email the Xen Project Events Team at xenevents@linuxfoundation.org.

For any COVID-19 or safety-related questions please visit our Health and Safety page.

What is the format of Xen Project Developer & Design Summit 2023 and when will it take place?

Xen Project Developer & Design Summit 2023 is taking place in-person and virtually on June 24th – 26th, 2023. 

What time zone will the event be in?

Xen Project Developer & Design Summit 2023 will be held in Central European Summer Time  (CEST), UTC +2.

Where do I pick up my name badge?

Badge pick-up will be located on the 4th floor in the Conference Hall Foyer. Make sure you bring your ID and registration confirmation with you when you pick up your badge.

Name badges must be worn at all times and cannot be shared with other attendees.

What is the recommended attire?

There is no set dress code and, like many open source events, attendees will dress in a range, from jeans to suits. Our recommendation is business casual; jeans are absolutely acceptable. Please layer up; conference rooms have a tendency to get cold.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, all keynote and breakout sessions will be live-streamed to the virtual event platform in real-time, along with being recorded and posted to our YouTube channel after the event.

How do I access a speaker’s slides after the summit?

Any session slides provided by speakers will be added to the event schedule as they are received.  While we encourage all speakers to share their slides, there may be instances where slides are not made available.

Registration Questions

How can I register for the event?

Information on registering can be found on our Register page.

What is the cost of the event?

Information on registration fees can be found on our Register page.

Can I register onsite?

Yes – if you did not have a chance to register online before the event, you may register on-site. Please note that the registration process on-site may take 10-15 minutes. We will only be able to accept credit card payments.

Where do I get my speaker access code?

You should have received a registration link in your acceptance email. If you did not, please email xenevents@linuxfoundation.org for more details.

Where do I get my sponsor access code?

A registration link was shared in an email to your company’s sponsorship contact. Please speak to your company’s sponsorship contact if you need to register as a Sponsor. For further questions, please email xenevents@linuxfoundation.org.

Are there media passes available?

If you are a member of the media interested in attending the summit and have not received a complimentary access code to attend, please contact xenevents@linuxfoundation.org.

Who can I contact about questions or problems regarding my registration?

Please email xenevents@linuxfoundation.org for registration assistance.

What are the cancellation, refund, and substitution policies?

Our registration policies can be found on our Register page.

I can’t / don’t want to use my credit card for registration. What should I do?

If you are unable to pay by credit card, please email xenevents@linuxfoundation.org with the event name you are interested in attending and request to be invoiced for registration.

Are there scholarships available?

No, at this time we are not able to offer scholarships for this event.

I need a visa letter to attend this event. How do I request one?

For information about visa invitation letters, or to request one, visit the Visa Request page.

Is registration for Linux Foundation Events GDPR compliant?

Yes. If you would like to request that your data be removed from the Linux Foundation event registration system, please email gdpr@linuxfoundation.org. If you have questions about GDPR, you can reach us at privacy@linuxfoundation.org.

Health & Safety

What health measures and safety protocols are Xen Project taking to ensure a safe in-person event?

Our attendees’ health and safety are our top priority as we continue to monitor COVID-19 and look to the venue, local, state, and WHO guidelines to make final decisions around onsite safety and requirements.

Information on current guidelines and health & safety measures can be found on our Health & Safety page.

Will attendance be limited?

Attendance may be limited to ensure any locally mandated social distancing and capacity limits are met. It is recommended that you secure your registration as early as possible if you would like to attend the event.

Will I be required to wear a mask?

Information on current onsite guidelines and health & safety measures can be found on our Health & Safety page.

Sponsor Questions

I have questions regarding sponsorships. Who should I contact?

For information regarding event sponsorship, please email xenevents@linuxfoundation.org.

I am staffing a sponsor table but not attending any sessions. Do I need to register?

Everyone participating in the summit, including booth set-up, should be registered. Please speak to your company’s sponsorship contact if you need to register as a sponsor. For further questions, please email xenevents@linuxfoundation.org.

Diversity & Inclusion

Will there be a nursing room at the summit?

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to book a private room for nursing for this event.

Will child care be provided?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer child care services at this event. We can, however, provide a list of local childcare providers. We apologize for this disruption to our normal event plans. We will be making this service available as soon as we can for future events.

What is the policy on animals at the event?

Service animals are permitted.

Venue & Travel

What meals are provided with my registration?

Morning and afternoon breaks and lunches are included with registration and will be available on the days of the event.

How do I get to Open Mainframe Summit?

For information about travel to the event, visit the Venue & Travel page.

Is a hotel reservation included in my registration?

No. Visit the Venue & Travel page for more information about how to make a hotel reservation.

How do I book my hotel?

Information on venue, lodging, and transportation can be found on our Venue & Travel page.

Is parking available? How much and do you validate?

Visit the Venue & Travel page for more details on parking.

What are the discounted room rates for attendees? Is there a deadline to make a reservation?

For information about hotel options, rates, and booking deadlines, visit the Venue & Travel page.

Virtual Platform

What is the cost for the virtual event and how do I register?

Information on registering can be found on our Register page.

When will the platform open and how do I access it?

The virtual platform will be available one day before the event. The events team will send out an email with the platform link and login instructions.

How will the virtual sessions work?

Sessions will take place at scheduled times just as they would at a face-to-face event. Speakers will be available for a live presentation and Q&A. And of course, all sessions will be recorded and available to attendees on-demand after the event.

Will all sessions be recorded?

Yes! Once the event ends, all attendees will be able to access the sessions and other content and resources from the event platform for two weeks. Additionally, all recorded sessions will be transferred to the Xen Project YouTube channel post-event so they are freely accessible to anyone, anywhere.

How will the Event Code of Conduct be enforced in a virtual environment?

All participants must abide by the Xen Project Developer & Design Summit Event Code of Conduct in virtual events just as they would at physical ones. We will be monitoring language and images throughout the platform to ensure there are no violations of the CoC, and quickly handle any that we might find. If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns relating to harassment, please contact a member of the conference staff immediately through the Information desk in the event platform, or email Event Manager, Evi Harmon, at eharmon@linuxfoundation.org.