CloudNativeSecurityCon North America

Keynote Speakers

  • Chris Aniszczyk headshot
    Chris Aniszczyk VP, Developer Relations, The Linux Foundation and CTO, CNCF
  • Lin Sun headshot
    Lin Sun Director of Open Source,
  • Alexander Lawrence headshot

    Alex Lawrence is Field CISO at Sysdig. Alex has an extensive history working in the datacenter as well as with the world of DevOps. Prior to moving into a solutions role, Alex spent a majority of his time working in the world of OSS on identity, authentication, user management and security. Alex’s educational background has nothing to do with his day-to-day career; however, if you’d like to have a spirited conversation on bioluminescence or fungus, he’d be happy to oblige.

  • Cailyn Edwards headshot

    Cailyn Edwards (she/her) is a CNCF Ambassador and a Senior Security Engineer at Auth0 by Okta, where she spends her time paving roads, putting up guard rails and generally helping to secure the cloud. She is also an active contributor to SIG-Security and 2022 Contributor Award recipient. Her current focus is on network, and Kubernetes multi-tenancy security. Outside of work Cailyn can be found running, playing squash, walking her dogs or working in the garden.

  • Jonathan Whitaker headshot

    Jonathan has spent 7+ years in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) domain. His work is focused on building authorization integrations and frameworks for small, medium, and large platforms. He has helped build IAM platforms for companies as big as Adobe and for small startups. He’s fixated on bringing better IAM solutions to developers. He is a core maintainer of the OpenFGA and Auth0 FGA projects which aim to bring global scale, fine-grained authorization to a broad audience of developers.

  • Stav Ochakovski headshot

    Stav Ochakovski is the DevOps Team Lead at Mitiga, where she manages highly scalable multi cloud environments. With a background in DevOps engineering and instruction, Stav seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic cybersecurity start-up scene. Besides living and breathing Kubernetes, CI/CD, and logging, she is a pastry-chef school graduate and licensed skipper.

  • Ariel Szarf headshot

    Researcher of the old and new. Ariel Szarf works as a Senior Cloud Security Researcher at Mitiga. As part of that, Ariel researches potential attacks on cloud providers and SaaS, and investigates incidents. Besides that, Ariel likes to research ancient manuscripts and bake in his free time.

  • Rey Lejano headshot

    Rey Lejano is Solutions Architect at Red Hat and currently serves as co-chair for Kubernetes Special Interest Group (SIG) Docs and helps maintain the upstream Kubernetes documentation. Rey leads the Kubernetes SIG Security Third-Party Security Audit subproject and helped release the last Kubernetes security audit in April 2023. He is a member of seven Kubernetes Release Teams, including serving as the 1.23 Release Lead and 1.25 Emeritus Adviser. Rey has been a Program Committee member for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon (2022 Detroit, 2023 Amsterdam, 2023 Chicago) and Track Chair for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024 in Paris. Rey was awarded the CNCF Community Award for Top Documentarian in 2022 and Kubernetes Contributor Awards in 2021 from SIG Release and 2023 from SIG Security. Rey is a CNCF Ambassador and DevOps Institute Ambassador.

  • Ann Wallace headshot

    Ann Wallace is currently the Director of Security Education at Okta. Prior to Okta Ann has held various security and cloud leadership & architecture roles at Shopify, Google and Nike. Ann has spoken at numerous conferences on Compliance and Container Security. Ann can also be found trail running around the PNW with her dirtbag dog Cedar.

  • Greg Castle headshot

    Greg is the tech lead for the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) security team and has been contributing to K8s security since 2017. He founded the K8s Container Identity Working Group and led GKE team members who built K8s OIDC support, Secrets Encryption, RuntimeClass, and more. Greg has 18 years experience in product security, penetration testing, incident response, platform hardening, and forensic analysis. He has spoken at multiple Kubecons, Blackhat, LISA, Google Next, and other conferences.

  • Cynthia Thomas headshot

    Cynthia Thomas is a Product Manager for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) at Google Cloud. She has spent 17+ years in the tech industry, the last 10 of which she was an advocate for open source and cloud-native technologies. She enjoys solving problems with experience in Service Provider, Data Center, and Cloud solutions and has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences including the Open Source Summit, DevOpsDays, KubeCon, and Kubernetes meetups.

  • Marina Moore headshot

    Marina Moore is a PhD candidate at NYU doing research about software supply chain security with a focus on secure software delivery and update. She is also a co-chair of CNCF’s TAG Security and a maintainer of TUF, in-toto, Uptane, and SBOMit. Her work focuses on the interaction between research and real-world application through open source contribution and discussion.

  • Adolfo García Veytia headshot

    Adolfo García Veytia (@puerco) is a staff software engineer with Stacklok He is one of the Kubernetes SIG Release Technical Leads, actively working on the Release Engineering team. He specializes in improving the software that drives the K8s release process. He is also the creator of the OpenVEX and protobom projects currently incubating in the OpenSSF. Adolfo is passionate about coding with friends, helping new contributors, and amplifying the Latinx presence in the Cloud Native community.

  • Eddie Knight headshot

    Eddie leads the Open Source Program Office at Sonatype, and serves as a maintainer for complimentary security and compliance projects within the OpenSSF, CNCF, and FINOS ecosystems.

  • Brandt Keller headshot

    Brandt is a Software Engineer with a passion for Open Source. As a Maintainer and Contributor to multiple Open Source projects, he finds distinct pleasure in solving difficult problems and being a voice for Critical – Regulated – and Air-Gapped environments (most often all of the above). He is an active member and contributor to multiple CNCF TAG/SIG’s and active in the Kubernetes community for greater collaboration, discussion and assistance. Brandt is a Software Engineer at Defense Unicorns.

  • Michael Lieberman headshot

    Michael Lieberman is a technologist focused on IT transformations. Mostly recently he has been focused on work within the software supply chain security space. He is an OpenSSF SLSA steering committee member, and tech lead for the CNCF Security Technical Advisory Group (STAG). He is also a maintainer on the GUAC project along with multiple other open source projects. Michael is also co-author of Securing the Software Supply Chain published by Manning.

  • John Kjell headshot

    John is responsible for open source at TestifySec, a software supply chain security startup. He is a maintainer for the Witness and Archivista sub-projects under in-toto. Additionally, John is an active contributor to CNCF’s TAG Security and multiple projects within the OpenSSF. Before TestifySec, John was an engineering leader at VMware, helping to bring supply chain security features to the Tanzu Application Platform.






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