Embedded Open Source Summit

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About the Microconferences

Embedded Linux Conference logo

Launched in 2005, Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) is for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products. It gathers the technical experts working on embedded systems and applications for education and collaboration, paving the way for transformation in these important and far-reaching areas.

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Real-Time Linux Summit logo

The Linux Foundation’s Real-Time Linux (RTL) collaborative project organizes the Real-Time Linux Summit at the Embedded Open Source Summit 2024. The event is intended to gather developers and users of Linux as a Real-Time Operating System. The main intent is to provide room for discussion between developers, tooling experts, and users, in a friendly environment.

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Safety Critical Software Summit logo

As open source is found more and more in safety-critical applications, the need to evaluate open source software that meets safety standards has increased. This event, sponsored by ELISA, gathers safety experts and open source developers to enable and advance the use of open source in safety-critical applications.

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Zephyr Project Developer Summit logo

Launched in 2021, Zephyr Developer Summit is for developers using or considering Zephyr in embedded products. This year we will be focusing on supporting topics of interest to users of Zephyr, developers contributing upstream, and maintainer specific topics.

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