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Cloud Native Wasm Day

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18 April 2023

RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Cloud Native Wasm Day highlights the growing importance and ubiquity of WebAssembly throughout the cloud-native ecosystem. As an application host, an application plugin, or an application platform, WebAssembly is a technology that is compatible with containers and Kubernetes but not dependent upon them. Along with devices, virtual machines, containers, and kubernetes, WebAssembly is an additional deployment method for workloads everywhere.

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Cloud Native Wasm Day topics include:

  • Developing, Converting or Leveraging Wasm in Your Cloud Native Application
  • Wasm and Serverless
  • Technologies to Support Wasm in Cloud Native, Such as the Distribution, Storage, Validation, Testing, or Packaging
  • Wasm Application Runtimes
  • Wasm Host Runtimes Optimized for Cloud Native Execution
  • Wasm and Kubernetes
  • Wasm in the Cloud
  • Wasm in Production (User-Stories)
  • Introduction to Wasm
  • Machine Learning with Wasm (wasi-nn)
  • Wasm on Tiny Device
  • Wasm Runtimes
  • Wasm Application Frameworks
  • Wasm Platforms
  • Wasm Security
  • Debugging Wasm