LF AI & Data Day – ONNX Community Virtual Meetup – Spring

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8:00 AM China (Thur 3/25)  
5:00 PM PT/USA (Wed 3/24)  
Event Kickoff – Agenda Review
Host: Ti Zhou (Baidu)

ONNX Progress Update
Speakers: ONNX Steering Committee
Prasanth, Harry, Jim, Joohoon, Sheng
8:25 AM China (Thur 3/25)  
5:25 PM PT/USA (Wed 3/24)
Community Presentations – Agenda Review (10 minute short talks)
Host: Ti Zhou (Baidu)

popONNX: Support ONNX on IPU
Speaker: Han Zhao (GraphCore-UK)

Spring Project:Multi Backend Neural Network Auto Quantization and Deploy over ONNX
Speaker: Yu Feng Wei (SenseTime-HongKong)

ONNX Runtime for Mobile Scenarios: From model to on-device inferencing
Speaker: Tom Wildenhain (Microsoft-USA) and Scott McKay (Microsoft-Australia)

Introduction to DL Framework PaddlePaddle and Paddle2ONNX Module
Speaker: Wranky Wang (Baidu-China)

ONNX on microcontrollers
Speaker: Rohit Sharma (AITechSystems-USA_CA)

Monitoring and Explaining ONNX Models in Production
Speaker: Krishna Gade (FiddlerAI-USA_CA)

ONNX client for Acumos
Speaker: Philippe Dooze (Orange-France)

Deploy ONNX model seamlessly across the cloud, edge, and mobile devices using MindSpore
Speaker: Leon Wang (Huawei-China)

ONNX Runtime Training
Speaker: Peng Wang (Microsoft_China)

Quantization support for ONNX using LPOT (Low precision optimization tool)

Speakers: Haihao Shen (Intel – China) and Saurabh Tangri (Intel)
Contact: Rajeev Nalawadi (Intel-China)
10:15 AM China (Thur 3/25)
7:15 PM PT/USA (Wed 3/24)
SIGs and WGs Updates – Agenda Review (10 minute talks)
Speaker: Ti Zhou (Baidu)

Architecture/Infrastructure SIG Update
Chair: Ashwini Khade (Microsoft)

Operators SIG Update
Co-Chairs: Michał Karzyński (Intel) and Ganesan Ramalingen (Microsoft)

Converters SIG Update
Co-Chairs: Guenther Schmuelling (Microsoft), Kevin Chen (Nvidia), Chin Huang (IBM)

Model Zoo/Tutorials SIG Update
Co-Chair: Wenbing Li (Microsoft) and Vinitra Swamy (Microsoft)

Q&A and Discussion