LF Energy Open Source Bootcamp

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Thursday, February 6

08:00 | Registration

09:00 | Introduction, Open Source Basics

09:30 | How to Work in Open Source –
Ibrahim Haddad dives deeper into the nuts & bolts of open source development: upstreaming, understanding collaborative development, working in existing projects and starting new ones, all in the context of existing successful open source projects.

11:30 | Lunch

12:30 | Open Source Development Process
Building on the morning session, Ibrahim Haddad will discuss details on the open source development model – how and why it works, applying open source processes within an organization (innersourcing), best practices in each development phase, managing contributions, and technical, business, and legal options for open-sourcing proprietary technology.

13:30 | Open Source & Business Strategy
Ibrahim Haddad will discuss how to develop an open source strategy for your business – designing policies, implementing tactics, developing ecosystem, and approaches to project management.

14:15 | LF Energy and You
Shuli Goodman explains why LF Energy exists and why these open source processes are critical to reinventing the energy industry.

14:30 | Break

15:00 | License Compliance
As an expert in the field, Jon Aldama presents the aspects of open source intellectual property – how do licenses actually work, how to choose one and comply with it, licenses vs patents, compliance tools and best practices.

16:00 | Managing an Open Source Program Office
Why and how to create an OSPO – strategic considerations, working with foundations, logistics and roles, leadership, and case studies, along with an introduction to the TODO Group.

17:00 | Wrap-up

19:00 | Dinner
Join us for a fun and relaxing dinner to continue networking and discussions from the day. There is a flat fee to attend; pre-registration is required.