LF Energy Spring Summit

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Open source leads the way.

The LF Energy “Virtual” Spring Summit supports global collaboration of utilities, OEMs, suppliers, and significant energy users.  Together we will learn, participate, build community and fundamentally reimagine software investments – whether spent on commercial, in-house, or by joining us to leverage an open source development model.  We hope to see you there!

Open is more than a buzzword.

At the Linux Foundation, we have found that in the early days of a new market or industry transformation, custom, proprietary solutions can meet acute short-term needs. Utilizing these sorts of solutions is often sensible to jump start an evolution, but as industries mature in their digitization efforts, proprietary stacks perpetuate vendor lock-in, one-off solutions, and ultimately stifle innovation. With climate change and the need for rapid decarbonization, we need a revolution to move at the speed of the global urgency. 

LF Energy’s focus on the decarbonization of power systems through digitalization and open source represents an unprecedented change for electrification, electric mobility, and the grid. Mitigating climate change, while ensuring economic prosperity and the restoration of natural systems, requires that we be able to network supply and demand through secure distributed hardware, data, and software. The future grid will be built on infrastructure platforms that will mostly consist of bare metal hardware, VMs and containers, coordinated through cloud orchestration systems that can manage and choreograph those resources using controllers that enable high data processing. 

At LF Energy, we support you to build the operational, developer, and leadership capacity to create the future together leveraging a healthy, supportive, robust ecosystem. The promise of open source is that moving to software-defined energy systems will enable us to take a far more agile approach. This is in direct contrast to traditional proprietary solutions, some of which would require end-users to bring an entire forklift to upgrade. LF Energy enables system and network operators, significant energy users, along with their vendors and suppliers, to “fail fast, fail often” while bringing new software functions and services to market quickly and efficiently. Transitioning from fossil-fuel requires that decarbonization make economic sense. We will win on cheaper, faster, more secure. That is a classic open source playbook.

Join us to securely scale the future of power systems.


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