LF Energy Spring Summit

This event has passed. View the upcoming Emerging Technology Events.


Sponsorship for LF Energy Spring Summit 2021 are now closed.

Thank you to Our Sponsors for supporting the Open Source Community!

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Industry Leadership

  • Demonstrate your commitment to open source collaboration and capacity building
  • Ensure the continuation and commercialization of rapid code development on critical projects in your portfolio
  • Contribute to the direction of projects by providing skills and tools across the industry as a whole

Community Engagement

  • Convene an environment that enables networking with business and technical leaders
  • Support the industry to work collaboratively to solve common challenges
  • Encourage contributions through open source project structures
  • Access to LF Energy training and learning environments

Collaborative Marketing

  • Amplify marketing and branding efforts around a timely and relevant issue
  • Develop joint messaging and brand awareness with LF Energy to support programs of importance to you


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