LF Energy Technical Architecture Workshop

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LF Energy Technical Architecture Workshop

July 8, 2020
Virtual Experience
14:00 – 19:00
Central European Summer Time (UTC +2)

Thank you to all of the attendees and session leaders that made this event a success! To explore the content be sure to watch the session recordings.  Continue contributing and ensure you participate in next steps by joining the mailing lists below:

LF Energy is excited to be hosting a Technical Architecture Workshop.
This workshop is a creative, online event geared towards enterprise architects, digital technology specialists, and developers. The goal is to share the work of the last four months in building and developing the technical, functional, security, and data architectures that will provide guidance and direction for the LF Energy community.  We are building and developing all of these assets in public and encourage your participation and comments. 

At the workshop, we will present work to date, and have multiple tracks on security, data architectures, using open source to build power system platforms, and 4 use cases: Asset Monitoring, CoMPAS, Digital Twins, VPP/Microgrids. There will be an opportunity at the workshop to add breakout rooms and interest groups on-the-fly. Bring ideas and your colleagues.


LF Energy Data Architecture FrameworkLearn about LF Energy’s data architecture framework and principles, learn from Alliander about their approach to semantic harmonization.
LF Energy Security FrameworkCome learn about the security framework in process. We will cover a security assessment analysis of the GXF use-case, plus we will have guest speakers about trust and trustless environments, the difference between classical and modern security, and digital bills of materials.

InfrastructureIn times of high demands like 100% availability, redundancy and low latency in combination with serious security aspects, the energy world is facing critical challenges. Especially the requirements to have a multi-cloud in combination with a hybrid-cloud approach including the limitation of running critical workloads only in your data center have to be solved. This UseCase is trying to establish a guideline on how to have the flexibility of a public cloud provider and the security of an on-premise environment.
Asset Monitoring & Predictive MaintenanceMore information to come
CoMPASConfiguration Modules for Power industry Automation Systems
Develop open source software components related to IEC 61850 model implementation (profile management) and configuration of a power industry Protection Automation and Control System (PACS).
Digital TwinsValidate how a digital twin oriented “system-of-systems” approach could be useful in designing the technical architecture of smart energy systems.
VPP/MicrogridsDevelopment of open source software components for Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and Neighborhood Microgrids to solve for network resilience, power quality, efficiency, stability, reliability and investment optimization when connecting Renewable Energy Sources (RESs) / Distributed Energy Generation (DER).