Open Source Congress

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Open Source Congress

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JULY 27, 2023


Open Source Congress is convening to gather global open source foundations for discussions and exploration on how to address gaps identified in the LF Research report Enabling Global Collaboration: How Open Source Leaders are Confronting the Challenges of Fragmentation (published January 2023), and to create new opportunities to enhance ecosystem-wide collaboration on important topics.

The event will include:

  • Facilitated discussions to identify areas of common interest and concern, and to develop a draft credo of cross-foundation common values
  • Roundtable discussions on important, timely issues including Cybersecurity, Regulation, Digital Sovereignty, Open Standards and AI Ethics, DEI

This event will be governed by the Chatham-House rule and attending is by invitation only.

Schedule at a Glance

Wednesday, July 26Attendee Evening Reception
Thursday, July 27Welcome Remarks

Moderated Roundtable Panel Discussions:
> Regulation
> Cybersecurity
> Digital Sovereignty
> AI Ethics
> Open Standards

Interactive Discussion Facilitated by Jerry Michalski

Breakout Discussion on Shared Statement of Values

Breakout Recaps, Synthesis, Closing Remarks
Friday, July 28Optional Lunch + Wine Tasting