Open Source Summit Europe

Critical Software Summit

September 15 – 16


As open source is found more and more in safety-critical products and infrastructure, the need to ensure dependability and reliability has increased. This event gathers developers focused on solving these issues, to figure out how we can increase the confidence of using OS projects in safety, mission, and business-critical applications.

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Critical Software Summit topics include:

  • Testing and Hardening
    • Testability and Stability of Products based on Open Source Projects
    • Best Practices for Verification for Dependability
    • Best Practices for Updating Policies and Practices
    • Maintainability of Products based on Open Source Projects
    • Automated Regressions and Management of Test Evidence
  • Cyber Security Considerations
    • Best Practices for Improving Software Transparency with SBOMs
    • Best Practices for Vulnerability Classification, Exploitability Assessment, and Mitigations
    • Best Practices for Vulnerability Detection and Reporting
    • Best Practices for Managing Security Incident Responses (PSIRT Teams, etc.)
  • Safety-Critical Considerations
    • Safety Considerations when Developing Products based on Open Source Projects
    • Sandboxing and Code Isolation Techniques
    • Management of Security Issues in Safety-critical Applications
    • Best Practices for Working with Certification Authorities
    • Traceability between Requirements, Source, and Testing Evidence