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About the Microconferences

cdCon logo

cdCon is the annual event by the Continuous Delivery Foundation that brings together technology teams, enterprise leadership and open source communities to drive the future of software delivery. Join Continuous Delivery leaders, industry icons, practitioners, and open source developers as we improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed.

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CloudOpen logo

CloudOpen provides valuable content across cloud native and cloud infrastructure technologies. It is where cloud developers, engineers and operations teams can discover new tools, projects, platforms and technologies across cloud native and cloud infrastructure.

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ContainerCon logo

Containers are revolutionizing the way workloads are automated, deployed and scaled, and ContainerCon is where teams can learn more about why and how to adopt containerization to further automation, portability and efficiency.

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Digital Trust logo

This event brings together experts, enthusiasts, and practitioners in the field of open source digital trust. It aims to explore the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in using open source tools to enhance trustworthiness and security in the digital landscape.

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Diversity Empowerment Summit logo

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics as projects compete to attract more talent to power development efforts now, as well as build their ranks to carry the projects into the future. The Diversity Empowerment Summit (DES) encourages attendees to examine how a variety of perspectives and experiences can create a richer open source community and stronger open source code development.

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LinuxCon logo

LinuxCon is an event for maintainers, developers and project leads in the Linux community to gather for updates, education, collaboration, and problem-solving to further the Linux ecosystem.

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Open Ai + Data Forum logo

This conference is for the open AI and Data community, and provides a forum to drive open source innovation in the AI, ML, DL, and Data domains by enabling collaboration and learning amongst the community. This event is produced by the LF AI + Data Foundation, and The Linux Foundation.

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OpenGovCon logo

OpenGovCon provides a focused experience built to accelerate federal service delivery. Join us as we connect federal policy owners, federal mission owners, and innovative federal and commercial solution providers through roundtable discussions, lightning talks, and hands-on experiences to both inspire and provide practical next steps to benefit the American public.

OpenGovCon will highlight the threats facing commercial applications, public digital infrastructure, and warfighting capabilities and provide real word/practical examples of putting the regulatory and best practices examples by the NSA, DOD, NIST, CISA, NITA, DISA, and OpenSSF into production.

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Open Source 101 logo

Open Source 101 is the conference for developers that are new to open source. This event provides fundamental teaching in Linux, Cloud, and Embedded Administration and will help attendees gain the skills and understanding they need to further their careers.

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Open Source Leadership Summit logo

Open Source Leadership Summit fosters innovation, growth and partnerships among the leading projects and corporations working in open technology development. It is a must-attend for business and technical leaders looking to advance open source strategy, implementation and investment.

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Operations Management Summit logo

Operations Management Summit (OMS) is designed to bridge the intricacies of open source consumption, compliance, and management. Designed for organizations aiming to streamline software processes, OMS confronts the challenges of discoverability and understanding in Process-related open projects.

Delve into comprehensive discussions that reveal the ties between compliance, community involvement, and enterprise open source management. Whether your focus is on licensing, a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), or unique management structures, OMS offers insights to fit every organizational mold.

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OSPOCon logo

An event for those working in open source program offices (OSPOs) in organizations that rely on open source technologies to learn and share best practices, experiences, and tooling to overcome challenges they face.

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Standards & Specifications Forum logo

Standards & Specifications Forum is an event supporting collaboration and open conversation surrounding specification development and adoption from ideation to international standard.

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SupplyChainSecurityCon logo

Cybersecurity incidents are among the greatest threats facing organizations today. This event, held in partnership with OpenSSF and CNCF, gathers security practitioners, open source developers, and others interested in software supply chain security to; explore the security threats affecting the software supply chain, share best practices and mitigation tactics and Increase knowledge about how to best secure open source software.

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SustainabilityCon logo

Discover the power of open innovation for a more sustainable future at SustainabilityCon. Join the community of developers, technologists, sustainability leaders and anyone working on technological solutions to decarbonize the global economy, mitigate and address the impacts of climate change, and build a more sustainable future. SustainabilityCon provides a forum to drive open source innovation in energy efficiency and interoperability and clean development practices within industries ranging from manufacturing to agriculture and beyond through collaboration and learning within the community.

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TechDocsCon logo

TechDocsCon is for those interested in best practices for open source project documentation processes and communication, and provides an open forum to share real world experiences, how documentation impact and success is measured, what’s working and what’s not, and so much more.

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