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OpenGovCon provides a focused experience built to accelerate federal service delivery. Join us as we connect federal policy owners, federal mission owners, and innovative federal and commercial solution providers through roundtable discussions, lighting talks, and hands on experiences to both inspire and provide practical next steps to benefit the American public.

OpenGovCon will highlight the threats facing commercial applications, public digital infrastructure, and warfighting capabilities and provide real word/practical examples of putting the regulatory and best practices examples by the NSA, DOD, NIST, CISA, NITA, DISA, and OpenSSF into production.

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OpenGovCon topics include, but are not limited to:

  • How to Build Safe and Secure Systems Using Software You Didn’t Write!
    • Software Supply Chain – Good, Bad, and the Ugly
    • Segmentation Techniques – Blast Radius Management
  • Continuous ATOs in 2023 – Myth or Legend?
  • Implementing Federated Identity at Scale
  • How to Discover and Prevent Malicious Builds
  • Software Factories’ – Are They Just a Logo?
  • It isn’t Zero Trust, it’s Explicitly Defined TrustImplement Zero Trust in the Real World Highlighting Industry Best Practices
  • Reducing Day 1 / Day 2 Complexity in Air Gapped Environments
  • Deploying High Assurance / Safety Critical Systems
  • Navigating and Automating Federal Standards Compliance Automation
  • Federal Contracting Survival Guides
  • Deploying in CUI and Classified Environments Survival Guides
  • Concepts We Missed? / Crazy ideas? – let’s chat –