Open Source Summit North America



An event for those working in open source program offices (OSPOs) in organizations that rely on open source technologies to learn and share best practices, experiences, and tooling to overcome challenges they face.

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This event is part of Open Source Summit. To attend, register for Open Source Summit North America. 1 registration gives you access to ALL events featured under the Open Source Summit umbrella. In-person and virtual registration are both available.

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Call for Proposals

Submit a proposal to speak! Submissions are being accepted through February 5.

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OSPOCon topics include:

  • OSPO Lessons Learned
  • OSPO Compliance and Legal
  • OSPOs and Engineering Effectiveness
  • OSPOs and Supply Chain Security
  • Developer Advocacy and Ecosystem Participation
  • Hosting Projects and Communities
  • OSPOs in Academia and Government