Ray Summit

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Ray Summit brings together architects, developers, machine learning engineers, and researchers building the next generation of scalable, distributed, high-performance Python and machine learning applications, including multi-cloud and serverless. The conference will include current users of Ray and those who are interested in learning how Ray can meet their needs.

The conference centers around Ray, an open-source system for scaling Python applications from single machines to large clusters, even multi-cloud, without the limitations of serverless systems. The challenges of these systems, particularly for high-performance machine learning applications, motivated the creation of Ray. Ray is already used at companies like Intel, Ant Financial, JP Morgan, Ericsson, Microsoft, and many others.

The inaugural Ray Summit is the ideal place to achieve the following goals:

  • Meet potential customers: The best place to meet and interact with people evaluating and actively building scalable Python and large-scale machine learning applications. 
  • Understand the trends driving the future of Python and ML/AI: A forum to identify trends in machine learning, AI, and distributed software systems to inform future technology investments.
  • Find new talent: The place to network with skilled Python and machine learning engineers, software architects, and managers.
  • Drive thought leadership: An opportunity to showcase technologies and services to influential Python and machine learning professionals, media, and analysts from around the world.

For more information, contact raysummit@anyscale.com.




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