About WasmCon

WasmCon is the premier conference for technical developers and users interested in exploring the potential of WebAssembly. This two-day event will bring together leading experts, developers, and users from across the Wasm community.

WasmCon will feature a diverse range of sessions, workshops, and keynote speakers, all focused on providing attendees with the latest insights and best practices for working with Wasm. Whether attendees are interested in performance optimization, security considerations, or integrating Wasm into existing applications, there will be content for everyone.

In addition to the technical sessions, WasmCon provides attendees with numerous opportunities to network with peers and build relationships with other developers and users in the Wasm community.

Who Should Attend:

  • Web developers interested in leveraging the full potential of Wasm.
  • Technical developers and engineers looking to build faster, more secure, and more efficient applications and interested in contributing to the Wasm ecosystem.
  • Users interested in learning about the latest developments and use cases for Wasm.
  • Software architects and team leads looking to incorporate Wasm into their development roadmap.
  • Business leaders and executives interested in exploring the potential business value of Wasm for their organization.



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