What’s Next for Open Source? Workshops for Building Solutions with Open Innovation.


What’s Next for Open Source?

Workshops for Building Solutions with Open Innovation.

Immediately following the OSPOs for Good 2024 symposium, attendees are invited to attend and participate in a collection of curated workshops on the NEXT steps of the process. Discover how to build and gather the skills you need to take action.

Whether you are a seasoned open source practitioner, policy maker, developer, university or government representative this set of NEXT workshops is designed to meet a wide set of interests and experience levels.

Three tracks will be available:
1. How to Build and Run OSPOs & OSPOs for Social Good
  • Start the journey with mentors. Meet, learn from, and connect with those who have built and run various OSPOs for all kinds of missions.
  • Next step on the journey, metrics. Clarify your objectives and goals for Open Source and OSPOs by outlining measurable steps toward success.
  • Close the day’s journey with impact. With a program from ITU building the first Global South OSPOs, alongside a discussion and evaluation of the potential impact that OSPOs in Higher Education and Research can have in Open Science 2.0.
2. Connecting with OSS Communities

Join with, and be part of the community. Discussions include:

  • Let’s define and collaborate on Open Source and AI. Join us as we explore the concept of Open Source AI together and find the answers together. (All welcome)
  • Join us for the inaugural ALL-OSPO community gathering, where we’ll delve into the topic of Connected OSPOs for Social Impact together. (Limited to OSPO leads only)
  • Explore the current, and future landscapes of OSS Social Good and the OSS Movement. (All welcome)
3. Cooperative Digital Infrastructure: Organizational & Code
  • Expand the reach of digital public goods to amplify tangible local effects on the UN Global Goals, while prioritizing secure and resilient software infrastructures and building trust in our shared digital future.
  • Leading up to the UN Global Digital Compact and the release of the Pact for the Future, this track delves into our shared objectives. It explores the synergy of Open Source, OSPOs, community, and collaboration as the fundamental components of Cooperative Digital Infrastructure.