Automotive Grade Linux at CES

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Member Demos

Core AGL Platform Demos:
  • Infotainment: New intuitive user interface designed by Integrated Computer Systems (ICS) with reference applications and Instrument Cluster based on embedded Flutter code contributed by Toyota. A production steering wheel from Suzuki is incorporated and connected via CAN to remotely control events including media functions and cruise control.
  • Instrument Cluster: Instrument Cluster application using container technology to run multiple infotainment systems (Flutter, Qt, and HTML5) on a single microprocessor, an enabler for software-defined vehicles. Incorporates new container VirtIO features.
  • Camera Integration: Camera integration on AGL reference hardware using gstreamer and libcamera as a starting point for future sensor integration.
  • Toyota Flutter Embedder: Demonstrating the newest Flutter features with the Impeller rendering engine as a technology preview of the AGL Royal Ricefish code release coming in July 2024.
  • Vehicle to Cloud Connectivity: Interactive driving demo developed by Amazon Web Services highlights the potential for connected vehicle technology using real-time data. Step into the cockpit of a CARLA vehicle simulator connected to the AGL platform to observe near real-time data coming in from various vehicle sensors and transmitted to the cloud.
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Enabling a Software-Defined Cockpit UI/UX with Cloud-Native “Unified HMI” Technology

Experience the future of cockpit HMI development with our cloud-native multi-display control technology “Unified HMI”. This open-source technology enables designing, developing and testing cockpit HMI across multiple displays, without dependency on underlying hardware architectures. It empowers developers to rapidly and efficiently create cockpit UI/UX, ushering in a new era of software-defined digital cockpit solutions. Join us to witness how we’re redefining the boundaries of cockpit UI/UX development with our cloud-native “Unified HMI” technology

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Edge Computing in Mixed-Safety Vehicle HPC Clusters

EPAM presents the architecture and implementation of a self-balancing multi-node vehicle high-performance computing clusters using the EPAM AosEdge platform. The focus will be on the nuances and pitfalls of implementing secure edge computing in constrained environments, the use of containers and unikernels in Mixed-Safety systems, OTA updates for multi-component automotive software, and the orchestration of edge devices’ “fleets”. Additionally, we will address the concept of Software Defined Vehicle beyond its traditional representation, discussing topics such as multi-tenancy on the edge, vehicle as open platform with functional safety, and dynamic functions not limited to containers or virtual machines.

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Chromium-based Web Application Manager on AGL

Demo of web-only interface of AGL demo platform, with webapps running on different supported hardware architectures using the updated Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) based Web Runtime.

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Journeys, multimedia and entertainment

Experience the future of in-vehicle infotainment and see how our tech can improve journeys, making them more enjoyable, entertaining and better connected.