Open Source Summit North America

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Ask the Expert Sessions

Monday, June 29 – Thursday, July 2 | Timing Varies; View the Schedule!
Registration Cost: Complimentary; No Sign-up Required

This is your chance to chat directly with Linux kernel maintainers, open source leaders, and project managers to get all of your questions answered. Have a technical question? Curious on a career trajectory? Or simply want some tips on how to best participate in an open source project? This is the place to get this and more answered, as our experts sit down for our ‘Ask the Expert’ Sessions. 

Sessions will be added to the conference schedule shortly and will take place throughout the event. Our current Ask the Expert lineup includes:

  • Darren Hart, Linux Kernel Maintainer for x86 platform drivers and Sr Director / Open Source Technology Center at VMware – Git 101 Best Practices
  • Shuli Goodman – Executive Director of LF Energy – LF Energy 
  • Jeffrey Osier-Mixon – Yocto Project Advisory Board Chair and Open Source Program Manager, The Linux Foundation – LF/LF Energy
  • Steve Rostedt, Linux Kernel Maintainer and Open Source Developer at VMware – Linux Kernel
  • Sarah Novotny, Pioneering leader in Node and Kubernetes communities, Industry-recognized authority on open source culture and open source leader in the Microsoft Azure Office of the CTO Microsoft Open Source Culture – Kubernetes, Node.js and Open Source Leadership
  • Nithya Ruff, Executive Director of the Open Source Program Office at Comcast – Open Source Program Offices & the TODO Group, Yocto Project, OpenChain, Open Source Leadership
  • Erica Brescia, COO at GitHub – Open Source Entrepreneurship, Open Source Leadership
  • Dirk Hohndel, VP, Chief Open Source Officer at VMware and Subsurface Divelog Maintainer – The intersection of business and open source software, subsurface divelog project, Linux kernel development
  • Clyde Seepersad, SVP & GM of Training & Certification at The Linux Foundation – Open Source Training, Certification and Skills Development
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux Kernel Developer, and Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation – Linux Kernel
  • Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International – RISC-V at the heart of Open hardware, Understanding the challenges, opportunities, and options for open collaboration from Open Source to Open Standards in microprocessors with focus on RISC-V. 
  • Kathy Giori, EdTech Entrepreneur and Strategic Industry Advisor – PlatformIO.org3, the Swiss Army Knife Tool of Embedded Microcontroller Programming
  • Shuah Khan, Kernel Developer, and Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation – Linux Kernel Dependability (improving quality and dependability during design, and verification using static analysis tools, regression and fuzz testing.)
  • Michael Meskes, President & CE at Credativ – Running Open Source Databases in Open Source Environments

Note: You must be registered for OSS+ELC North America Virtual Experience to participate.