KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America

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Interactive Sessions

Argo Project Meeting

Monday, October 11  |  1:00 -5:00 PM | In Person Only

Argo Project maintainers are encouraged to attend this 1/2 day project meeting. If you have any questions about this meeting, please contact events@cncf.io.

How to Register: Pre-registration is required. Add it to your existing KubeCon + ContainerCon North America registration.

cloudnative.tv Daily Recap

Monday, October 11 – Friday, October 15 | In Person + Online
Mon + Tues: 5:15-6:00 PM; Wed: 5:30-6:30 PM; Thu: 5:00-5:45 PM; Fri: 5:15-6:00 PM

Join us on CloudNative.tv to hear the round up from the day’s action. Our hosts will analyze the newest announcements in cloud native, dissect their favorite talks from the day, give the latest scoop from the hallway track, share their schedule for the next day, and talk about what’s coming next on CloudNative.tv. You won’t want to miss the Daily Wrap Up!

How to Register: No pre-registration is required.

College to Cloud Native: A Student’s Introduction to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

Tuesday, October 12  |  8:00 – 8:45 AM | Online Only

Are you a student and feel a little lost on the cloud native seas? Is this your first time and KubeCon and you are trying to find out what to attend and where to get started? Join the College to Cloud Native session to learn more about where you should go in the conference. Your host Bill Mulligan will show you around the event and answer any questions you may have.

How to Register: No pre-registration is required.

CNCF End User Partner Summit

Tuesday, October 12  |  9:00 – 10:00 AM | Online Only

The End User Partner Summit, hosted by Katie Gamanji virtually, will bring together cloud native users to share best practices and lessons learned. Our 40 minutes together will include a panel discussion with General Manager of CNCF, Priyanka Sharma, Chris Aniszczyk (CTO, CNCF) and members of the CNCF End User TOC. Join us for an engaging conversation centering on strategy, vision, and how to best navigate and contribute to the cloud native community!

In order to participate, your organization must be a member of the CNCF End User Community.

How to Register: Please complete our RSVP form to register!

Contact kgamanji@linuxfoundation.org with any questions.

Marketing Office Hours

Tuesday, October 12 + Thursday, October 14 | 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM | In Person or Online

Calling all CNCF members! Are you interested in learning more about your membership benefits (as it relates to marketing) or brainstorming other co-marketing activities? Join the CNCF marketing team at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America during Marketing Office Hours. Our team can answer any questions, as well as walk through our online programs, blogs, and other activities.

How to Register: Please RSVP to express your interest and make an appointment.

Note this session is for CNCF members only. If you would like to learn more about becoming a member, please reach out to ktan@linuxfoundation.org. We are happy to accommodate in-person or virtual attendance.

Building Your Brand with CNCF

Wednesday, October 13  |  7:45 – 8:45 AM | Online Only

Did you ever wonder how to build your brand within the cloud native ecosystem? Do KCD, Online Programs, cloudnative.tv, and the CNCF blog (just to start) seem like an overwhelming sea of possibilities? CNCF offers a variety of programs, but it is often difficult to know where to begin. In this introductory session, you will learn about the different programs CNCF offers to help you build your cloud native voice. There will be jokes, stories, and new friends. Come be a part of the foundation of doers.

How to Register: No pre-registration is required.

CNCF Member-Only – Business Development + Partnerships Networking Event

Wednesday, October 13  |  12:30 – 2:30 PM | In Person Only

Join us for an in-person unconference-style networking event at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America! This event is open to all member organizations of CNCF and is meant to facilitate networking. With limited space due to COVID, only two (2) representatives may attend per organization. If you’d like to have more attend, please email Katelin and Kristi at meeting@cncf.io to have them added to the waitlist.

This event is specifically designed to help organizations develop strategic partnerships and cross-selling opportunities with other members of the CNCF Ecosystem. A big thank you to our volunteers, Lori Lorusso of JFrog, Andrew Bassett of RX-M, Annie Talvasto of CAST.ai, Sandhya Gorman of Red Hat, and Janki Kaura of StorageOS for helping bring this event to life!

Business Development teams, Alliance teams, Partnership leads to cross collaborate

12:30 – 1:15 PM | Lunch
1:15 – 2:00 PM | Facilitated networking at tables
2:00 – 2:30 PM | Open free form networking

How to Register: Individuals must be from a CNCF member company and an RSVP is required to attend. Please RSVP and select your topics of interest during the facilitated discussion portion of the event.

Kubernetes Project SIG Meet and Greet

Wednesday, October 13  |  1:30 – 2:30 PM | In Person Only

The Kubernetes Project SIG Meet and Greet is for both SIGs and WGs, new and experienced contributors. We will have representatives from each SIG / WG who can answer questions and talk more about how to get involved.

The SIG M&G is for both:

  • Experienced Kubernetes contributors who are interested in expanding their involvement in new SIGs / WGs.
  • New contributors, many of whom have extensive experience from other projects, and are excited to get started in Kubernetes after attending a New Contributor Workshop.

How to Register: No pre-registration is required.

Admiral Bash’s Island Adventure with Phippy and Friends | A Book Reading

Thursday, October 14  |  11:00 AM – 12:00 PM | In Person + Online

Admiral Bash’s ship has been sunk by pirates and his mainframe is at the bottom of the sea! Washed up on a deserted island, join Admiral Bash as he navigates his cloud native transformation, helped by Phippy, Zee, Captain Kube, Goldie and some very special new friends. Will the team ever get to enjoy cocktails on the beach, or will this cloud native transformation prove too much? Authors Simon Forster, Danielle Cook, John Forman, and Robert Glenn, from the Cartografos working group, present a first-look at this brand new book!

Admiral Bash’s Island Adventure | A Book Signing
12:00 – 1:00 PM | In-Person only

How to Register: No pre-registration is required.

Maintainer’s Circle

Thursday, October 14  |  1:30 – 3:00 PM | In Person + Online

As maintainers, your leadership is expansive; it is critical right now, more than ever. How you show up guiding your group and supporting the individuals within it requires thoughtful attention. 

What does effective leadership look like when impossible-to-predict challenges arise, loss within your group occurs, collective human grief is undeniable, and burnout is ongoing. 

How do you manage healthy discussions during challenging times? What challenges get in the way of communicating and leading effectively? How do you guide a team when you, too, are dealing with a lot? 

The thoughtful attention required of effective leadership starts with first observing yourself, identifying your needs, and determining how you want to show up to support your team. Collaborative breakout sessions will follow key concepts for consideration and application to your work as a maintainer.







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