Open Networking & Edge Summit + Kubernetes on Edge Day

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The communities that traditionally attend this event are distributed around the world, with many participants overseas still unable to enter the US this fall. While all of our events have global communities, a look at the data for this particular event shows that participation is being affected much more significantly. Thus, we feel it is best for all event participants to move to a fully-virtual event and put all of our efforts into making that an amazing experience for everyone.

Open Networking & Edge Summit + Kubernetes on Edge Day 2021 is now a Virtual Experience, October 11-12 on the Pacific Daylight Time Zone (PDT). You will have the ability to network with other attendees, attend sessions with live speaker Q&A, interact with sponsors real time and much more – all virtually, from anywhere. Registration is US$50 through October 5. Starting on October 6, the fee will increase to $150.

Open Networking & Edge Summit is the only event for the networking & edge computing industries that:

  • Crosses enterprises, government, global services providers and cloud.
  • Focuses on open first. In a market now built on open source, this is critical.
  • Gathers both the executives making decisions and the developers creating the code to participate, plus everyone in between. 
  • Is produced by the leading neutral organizations committed to innovation in networking, edge and other technology areas required for end to end solutions: LF Networking, LF Edge, CNCF, Hyperledger, ORAN, AGL, LF AI & Data, Magma, LF Energy and more.

In short, it is the ONE Event for End to End Connectivity Solutions powered by Open Source, enabling the collaborative development necessary to shape the future of networking and edge computing. 

And, in partnership with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Kubernetes on Edge Day will be held alongside ONE Summit in 2021. Kubernetes on Edge Day gathers developers and adopters to share their lessons learned in building, breaking, and bettering their edge infrastructure on top of Kubernetes.

Being in the beginning of our Open Networking journey, Open Networking & Edge Summit has been an inspiring experience, offering both information on useful tools and aspirations for the future.

George Margaritis, Senior Network Analyst, ECMWF







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