Open Source in Finance Forum London

This event has passed. Please visit the upcoming Open Source in Finance Forum London.

Sponsor Guide

General Information

Thank you for your support of the Open Source in Finance Forum London 2022. OSFF London is taking place on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. 

Venue: 133 Houndsditch | etc.venues

Sponsor Registration

Complimentary Sponsor Passes
Each sponsor receives a number of complimentary conference passes for the in-person portion of this event which may be used for booth staff, other employees or customers. These passes are full-conference passes and include access to the keynotes, sessions, and all other programs that do not require a separate registration and/or fee. There are no onsite exhibitor passes or expo hall-only passes available for this event so please ensure that you allocate enough conference sponsor passes for your onsite booth staff. 

All registrants using your complimentary sponsor passes should register here using the sponsor code that was emailed to you.

20% Onsite Attendee Registration Discount 
Sponsors receive a 20% discount code that may be used for any additional onsite conference passes that you wish to purchase. Feel free to use this code for business partners or customers you wish to invite to the event. DO NOT share the discount code directly, e.g. on your website or on social media.

All registrants using this discount code should register here using the discount code that was emailed to you.

If you need any registration codes emailed to you, please contact

Health + Safety Information

Onsite Attendee Vaccination Requirements
All in-person attendees including sponsors, speakers, and booth staff will be required to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus OR show a negative COVID-19 test and will need to comply with all onsite health measures, in accordance with the Linux Foundation’s Code of Conduct. You can find further details on our Health & Safety page.

Masks are recommended, but not required, to be worn at the event. This is subject to change based on local guidelines. Registered attendees will be notified 1 month prior to the event of any updates to our mask mandate and other on-site health & safety requirements. You can find further details on our Health & Safety page.

Current Onsite Health + Safety Measures
We are working with the venue and local municipalities to provide the following safety measures for our event:

  • Rigorous onsite cleaning and sanitizing of all touch points
  • Temperature checks, where applicable
  • Monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms

At a minimum, we will be following all mandated venue, municipality, and CDC guidelines. For additional guidance and protocols that we have in place for the event, visit the OSFF Health & Safety page for more information and FAQs.

Hotel Information

Please visit the Open Source Strategy Forum Venue and Travel page for hotel information.

Deliverable Due Dates

Send all deliverables to

  • June 30: Confirm or provide Sponsor information. 
    • Logo in .svg format
  • July 6: Monitor orders must be in
  • July 6: Social Media – Provide Twitter handle
  • July 6: Speaker information due. (Leader only)
  • July 7: Confirm onsite exhibit and lead retrieval device. 
  • July 7: Confirm collateral participation.
  • July 11: Register attendees by this date.
  • July 11: Custom question for post-event attendee survey due. (Leader & Contributor only)

Speaking Opportunity

Leader sponsors receive a 10-minute keynote speaking opportunity during the event.

Please provide the required details below as soon as possible, so it can be added to the schedule.

  • Track Session Title
  • Track Session Abstract (to be included on schedule)
  • Speaker Name
  • Speaker Title
  • Speaker Bio
  • Speaker Email

Once the details are received, the program committee will review the content prior to it being posted.

Marketing Deliverables

Company Logo + Link

Confirm your logo on the OSFF London webpage. If the logo or link needs to be updated, email the new information to

Your logo and link will appear in the following places based on your sponsorship level:

  • Email Marketing (Leader + Contributor Levels Only)
  • Keynote Stage Branding
  • Event Website
  • Onsite Event Signage

Collateral Distribution
All sponsor levels have the opportunity to provide collateral for display near registration. Most sponsors who participate provide a flyer, postcard or other similar items of collateral that will be placed in a place accessible to attendees.

The collateral needs to be provided to LF Event staff at the venue on Wednesday, July 13 to ensure it is made available before the opening of the event. Please email and provide the delivery method, if shipping, include the tracking details for the package. See shipping information below for details on shipping your collateral onsite.

Please note: Materials not received in time may not be displayed.

Social MediaTwitter Handle
All levels will have a shared social media post, please email your Twitter handle to

Social Media Re-share (Leader + Contributor Levels Only)
The Linux Foundation Twitter account will retweet 1 post of your choosing. The timing of the re-tweet will be determined by The Linux Foundation. Confirm if you intend to request a social media retweet and please share the timing of the tweet or tweeted the tweet in an email to

Custom Question in Post-Event Attendee Survey (Leader + Contributor Levels Only)
Get some insight with a post-event attendee survey question. Leader sponsors have the opportunity to include two custom questions and contributor sponsors can include one question in the post-event attendee survey. The questions need to be submitted to by Wednesday, July 6

Exhibiting Information

Leader, Contributor, and Community level sponsorships include the opportunity to exhibit at the event. 

Check out the floor plan here. We will reach out directly to confirm your booth placement.

An exhibit includes a table (L 130cm x W 60cm x H 72cm) with linen, two chairs, a power strip with access to power, and conference wifi. We encourage you to bring pop-up banners, tabletop displays, custom table linens, and/ or literature and “swag”. There will be no backdrop available to hang a traditional banner. 

If you are interested in ordering a monitor, hard-line internet, or have other special needs, please email Please confirm your order by Wednesday, July 6.

You need to confirm your booth participation by Thursday, July 7

Set-Up Information 
7:00am – 8:00am | Wednesday, July 13

Please complete your set-up before registration begins (8:00 am). 

NOTE: Labor to assist with exhibitor setup is not included. Each vendor will be responsible for moving any materials they shipped to their vendor table. Limited dollies and carts are available. Please inform us in advance if this poses a difficulty for you so we can arrange for assistance.

Breakdown Information
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm | Wednesday, July 13

Please complete your breakdown before the venue closes (8:00 pm). 

Shipping Information
Items can begin to arrive at the venue on Wednesday, July 6. Please read and follow all instructions including shipping label details from the 133 Houndsditch shipping document. Anything that arrives in advance of this date is subject to refusal. If you are planning to ship items to the venue complete the OSFF London Shipping Doc.

Lead Retrieval

Lead Retrieval Options (Leader, Contributor, and Community sponsors only)
Confirm your lead retrieval option by Thursday, July 7. You may choose from the following options:

Option 1: Physical Lead Retrieval Device(s)

Select this option if you want to receive the physical lead scanner(s) that are included in your sponsorship.

Option 2: Mobile App Only

Select this option if you don’t want to receive the physical lead scanner(s) that are included in your sponsorship and will use the mobile app on your own devices only. The lead retrieval app can be downloaded to as many iOS or Android devices as you wish free of charge.  

Option 3: No Lead Retrieval

Select this option if you don’t want to collect leads onsite and don’t need access to our lead scanners or app. 

Order Additional Lead Retrieval Devices
If you choose option 1 and wish to rent more physical lead scanners in addition to what is included in your sponsorship email The rental fee for each additional physical lead scanner is $550 USD. Orders must be submitted by Thursday, July 7. Late orders may not be accepted. 

Create Your Own Custom Questions
Want to gather specific information from attendees during the conference? You can set up your own custom questions and they will appear on all of your devices, if you have more than one, so you can easily gather information from attendees who visit your booth. 

An example of how to utilize custom questions would be to gather a lead’s phone number. This is not data provided with the leads report, therefore we recommend creating a custom question if you wish to have this data. 

We will send an email with custom question setup instructions approx. 5 days before the event. You may add additional custom questions or qualifiers to the physical lead retrieval devices and the mobile app at no additional cost. If you wish to do so, please watch the custom qualifiers tutorial. Follow the web instructions on how to create qualifiers if you are on a computer or add qualifiers directly via the app on your mobile device.

Please note: 

  • Show Management will not have access to custom question data and will be unable to provide a lead report with this data. Only lead reports that are requested through the system by the user will include custom data. 
  • Custom questions are limited to 90 characters. 

Lead Report Information
Access to real-time lead reporting is available inside the event platform.  

The following attendee information will be included in the leads report: 

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job Title
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Physical address incl. country, city, state, zip code/postal code
  • Job Function
  • Industry

For privacy reasons, phone numbers will NOT be included in the leads reports. If you wish to record attendees’ phone numbers, feel free to ask them for this information and add it manually either to the notes field for each lead or a custom question you may create for this purpose.

Lead Retrieval Rules + Regulations

  • Lead retrieval devices and apps may be used to scan attendee badges within your onsite exhibit booth ONLY. Scanning attendee badges in aisles, lounges, or anywhere outside of the exhibit hall is not permitted. If lead retrieval devices or apps are used outside of a sponsor’s booth, The Linux Foundation reserves the right to remove all leads scanned for that day.
  • All attendees must verbally consent prior to scanning their name badge. 
  • Only retrieval devices and apps by the official lead retrieval provider may be used. Third-party devices or apps are not permitted.
  • A replacement fee of 1,500 USD will be assessed for any lost, damaged, or stolen lead retrieval devices.

GDPR & Data Privacy
All Linux Foundation events are fully GDPR compliant. By registering and attending this event, all participants agree to the Linux Foundation’s Privacy Policy and the event terms and conditions which include the following language:

In order to facilitate networking and business relationships at the event, you may choose to visit a third party’s booth or virtual booth or to access sponsored content. You are never required to visit third-party booths or to access sponsored content. When visiting a booth (e.g. by clicking on a third party’s logo in the exhibit hall or exhibitor directory, and any actions within the booth thereafter including viewing resources), accessing swag or virtual swag provided by sponsors, or by participating in sponsored activities, the third party will receive some of your registration data. This data includes your first name, last name, title, company, address, email, standard demographics questions (i.e. job function, industry), and details about the sponsored content or resources you interacted with. If you choose to interact with a booth or virtual booth or access sponsored content, you are explicitly consenting to receipt and use of such data by the third-party recipients, which will be subject to their own privacy policies.