Open Source in Finance Forum New York

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Bonus Content

Trestle Compliance Collaborative Platform Open Source Project on NIST Compliance as Code OSCAL Standard

Real-time Data-driven Insights in Finance with OSS Hybrid AI

Open-Source Maturity in a 160-year-old Organization: Technical and Legal Hurdles

Loans, Accounts, and Transactions on Top of Open Source Software

Terraform Practices – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Path to Open Source for the Traditional Enterprise

Confidential Transactions with Zero Knowledge Proof in Trusted Execution Environments

Building FinTech Streaming Applications with Pulsar

ORT: Automate Your Open Source Policy Using Open Source & Inner Source

How Enriching Datasets Approach Using Apache Spark Solves Granular Tracing Issue in Regulated Financial Services Industry

OSS Documentation: The Cat’s Cradle of Information Flows

PostgreSQL and DevSecOps: Ensuring Database Security

An Open Source Architecture for Modernizing Market Risk Management

An Inside Look at Why Litigation from Patent Assertion Entities is at an All-Time High

Superman or Ironman – Can Anyone be a 10x Developer?





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