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In-Person Speaker Guide


We are excited to welcome you as a speaker for RISC-V Summit NA taking place in San Jose, CA  and virtually on December 13-14, 2022.

This is your official in-person event speaker guide. Please bookmark this page for easy reference and continue to check back as the event gets closer If you have any questions, please email speakers@riscv.org

Please click through the tabs on this page to access information.


  • Speaker Registration Deadline: Tuesday, October 18
  • Slide Due Date: Friday, December 9
  • AV Requests: Friday, November 18
  • Event Dates:  Tuesday – Wednesday, December 13-14, 2022
  • Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (PST), UTC-8


Your registration serves as confirmation that you will be speaking, and you will need to register as either an in-person OR virtual speaker by Tuesday, October 18. If you are not registered by October 18, there is a possibility that your speaking slot will be replaced by one on our waiting list, so please do so promptly.

 IN-PERSON – use the voucher code RISCVSUMM22SPK, and select “In-Person Speaker” from the drop down menu

Visa Letter Requests

If you require a visa letter, please register for the event, and then complete the visa letter request form.

We also ask that you please note the following:

  • Provision of a visa letter by Linux Foundation does not guarantee visa approval as final approval is made at the sole discretion of the government of the event’s host country.
  • The Linux Foundation strongly recommends requesting a visa letter at your earliest possible convenience and to contact your local Embassy/Consulate with any visa questions you may have.
  • Linux Foundation processes most visa letter requests in (3) business days.

Speaker Travel Funding

RISC-V is able to provide travel funding on a case-by-case basis to speakers who are unable to pay for their own travel expenses and whose companies are not willing to provide assistance. If you are in need of travel funding please fill out the form no later than October 14.

Note: Talk acceptance does not guarantee travel funding.

Venue Location

RISC-V Summit 2021 will be held at the SAN JOSE MCENERY CONVENTION CENTER.

150 W San Carlos Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Hotel Accommodations

Click here to view a complete list of nearby hotels offering discounted rates.

Schedule + Uploading a Bio/Photo

The schedule will be announced Wednesday, October 5th, and will be posted on our website using sched.com. You will receive an email directly from sched.com asking you to create your account; please make sure to upload your bio and photo.

IMPORTANT: In order to maximize content on the agenda, your confirmed session time may have changed from what you submitted. Please check your session and timing on sched.com

Session Information

AV Details & Requirements

Any additional AV requests are due by Friday, November 18. 

The room will include a screen, projector, (1) wireless microphone, and (2) handheld microphones – for a co-speaker and audience Q&A, so be sure to leave time at the end of your talk.

Required: All speakers will need to supply their own computer and necessary adaptors to use during their session. NOTE: The projectors have HDMI capabilities/outputs. If you require any additional AV, please email speakers@riscv.org with those needs by Friday, November 18. RISC-V will make every effort to accommodate additional A/V needs; however, final approval for additional A/V requests will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Presentation Template

We designed an optional RISC-V Summit PowerPoint Template for our speakers. Please note, use of the template is not required.

Slide best practice:

Color Blindness – Please do not highlight text in presentations with red as it appears as normal black text for attendees that are color blind . Similarly other colors are hard to distinguish from each other, see color blind friendly palettes.

Slide Upload

Upload slides to Sched.com by December 9.

We ask that all speakers upload their final presentation slides ahead of the event. In addition to providing a hard copy for accessibility purposes, we find that adding the presentations before the event helps to drive interest in attending the session.

Please note that your presentation slides should be uploaded in PDF-format to Sched.com and must be formatted in 16:9. 

To upload slides:

  • Log into your RISC-V Summit speaker profile through Sched.com
  • Navigate to RISC-V Summit Sched page
  • On the middle of the page, click “Manage and Promote Your Session”
  • Click “Add Presentation”
  • Click in the “Select a File” box and add the PDF document (note: there is a 50MB size limit)
  • Click “Upload” and your slides will automatically be saved

Promote Your Talk

Once the schedule is announced on October 5, we appreciate you spreading the word about #RISCVSummit and your session – please find some sample tweets below to share on your social channels! Note: The short link to your session can be found on your session’s sched.com page, just below the title, to the left of the “Tweet” and “Share” buttons.

  • Going to #RISCVSummit  in December? Come check out my session [SESSION NAME] on [DATE]. Hope to see you there! [SESSION LINK]
  • My first talk on [TOPIC] was just accepted at #RISCVSummit  –  visit [SESSION LINK] to add my talk to your RISC-V Summit schedule⚡️!
  • Can’t wait for #RISCVSummit ! 👍 I will be speaking on [DATE] in San Jose – Come see my talk [TITLE] – Hope to see you there! [LINK TO SESSION] 

Inclusive Speaker Orientation Online Course

The Linux Foundation, in collaboration with the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT), has created an online course designed to teach the viewer about inclusion, diversity, and unconscious bias. We highly recommend all of our speakers watch the course to learn tips/tools to use when speaking to encourage inclusivity in presentations and messaging.

Code of Conduct

Please read, and abide by our code of conduct for RISC-V Summit. Our code of conduct is strictly enforced. We ask that speakers especially review this code of conduct and are careful to be inclusive in the words and images used during their presentation.

Contact Us

If you have any other platform, speaker, or schedule-related questions, please contact us at speakers@riscv.org.







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