Automotive Grade Linux at CES

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Member Demos

Core AGL UCB Demos:
  • Instrument Cluster: Infotainment and Instrument Cluster applications using container technology to run on a single microprocessor.
  • Infotainment: demonstrates the new AGL Flutter based reference applications running the latest Nifty Needlefish code release as well as a Flutter based Instrument Cluster.
  • Steering wheel: A production steering wheel from Suzuki is incorporated into the infotainment demo connected via CAN. Commands available from the steering wheel include media functions and cruise control.
  • Connectivity: In-vehicle communication utilizes the latest W3C Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) implemented by the Eclipse Foundation KUKSA.val open source project.
  • Hardware: All demos utilize the latest AGL Reference Hardware.
Software Defined Vehicle – building blocks

EPAM’s building blocks for Software Defined Vehicle

  1. Virtualization for Digital cockpit and central compute unit
  2. Cloud-to-vehicle Services deployment and orchestration, including AGL application updates
  3. AAOS integration with AGL-based systems
  4. Mixed-Safety System based on the Open-Source Software
Achieving Software Defined Vehicle with AGL empowered with VirtIO

Software Defined Vehicle has been a hot topic in the automotive world, which enables OEMs/Tier1 to develop software decoupled from the limitations of hardware.

In this kiosk, we will present how the standard device virtualization framework VirtIO is empowering AGL to realize “Software Defined Vehicle” with a series of demonstrations, relating cloud-native environment parity and flexible UI/UX design across multiple displays enabled by VirtIO.

Connected Car Platform Solution for AGL

Connected Car Platform Solution on AGL using R-Car Serise environment. R-Car support VSS Interface and isolated OSS system to protect Cybersecurity for Gateway system.

Connected Vehicles Made Easy with AWS and AGL

Stop by for a test drive and explore how easy and cost-effective it is for automakers to collect, transform, and transfer vehicle data to the cloud in near-real time while allowing deployment and management of vehicle software and configuration remotely and at scale using AWS IoT FleetWise and AGL.

Web UI on AGL demo platform

Showcasing the HTML-only interface of the AGL demo platform running on different of the supported hardware platforms.

Journeys, multimedia and entertainment

Experience the future of in-vehicle infotainment and see how our tech can improve journeys, making them more enjoyable, entertaining and better connected.