Open Source Days

This event has passed. Please visit the upcoming Open Source Days.


About Open Source Days

Open Source Days, hosted by Academy Software Foundation, is the leading event dedicated to open source software for visual effects, animation, and digital content creation.

Join us in-person or virtually to hear from visual effects/animation studios, software vendors, and other professionals about emerging open source projects, best practices, and the latest updates to popular open source projects.

New this year – leading up to our main program on August 6, we will be holding a series of virtual town halls for Academy Software Foundation projects including MaterialX, OpenColorIO, OpenAssetIO, Open RV, xStudio, OpenTimelineIO, and OpenEXR, among others. Projects will share milestones, highlights, future roadmaps, and answer questions from the community. You can attend some or all of the town halls! Check out the schedule and register for the ones you’re interested in here.

The main program on August 6 and the virtual town halls are free and open to anyone interested in attending. You do not need to be registered for SIGGRAPH.

Some of our projects will also be hosting in-person Birds of a Feather sessions during SIGGRAPH at the LA Convention Center on August 7-8, 2023. You will need a SIGGRAPH badge to attend. Stay tuned for the full schedule!

Who Should Attend

  • Software engineers, developers, pipeline engineers, technical directors, supervisors, technical artists, and users of open source software for vfx and animation.
  • Executives, directors and open source program office leaders of organizations using or interested in open source software.
  • Technical leaders responsible for key projects, R&D or technology strategy.
  • Students, professors and academia interested in learning more about open source and how to get involved.
  • Junior developers and engineers interested in learning about open source software – no experience needed!


AM+PM Break

Beers of a Feather