Open Source in Finance Forum New York

This event has passed. Please visit the upcoming Open Source in Finance Forum New York.


Email us at to reserve your sponsorship, ask questions or talk about different options.

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The Open Source in Finance Forum is a conference for experts across financial services, technology and open source to deepen collaboration and drive innovation across the industry in order to deliver better code faster.

We want to give the best value possible for sponsors of OSFF, whether you are a FINOS Member or not. Your sponsorship shouldn’t just be a single transaction, it should be part of an integrated plan to capture the attention of the FINOS Community not just once, but multiple times.

Our sponsorship levels give you the ability to be part of podcasts, blog posts, social posts, that hit the entire FINOS Ecosystem, as well as additional opportunities to participate in webinars and in-person meetups that hit specific communities and interests around open source regulation in finance, interoperability (desktop and others), open source readiness (compliance, OSPOs, etc), and then the technical projects that live in the FINOS landscape. If you’re looking for a custom package, please reach out to us at so that we can make sure the sponsorship meets your company’s goals.