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Program Committee

A very special thank you to our Open Source Summit Europe 2023 Program Committee!

  • Aeva Black headshot

    Aeva Black is a queer and non-binary hacker. After nearly twenty five years of contributing to and leading open source projects while working in the private sector, Aeva now leads open source security for the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

  • Ahmed Abdelmonsef headshot

    Executive Architect at IBM. AI and Data Thought Leader. Lead/Chair of LF AI & Data Generative AI Frameworks and Architecture Workstream.

  • Akihiro Suda headshot

    Akihiro Suda is a software engineer at NTT Corporation, a Japan-based telecommunication company. He has been a maintainer of several opensource container software such as Moby, BuildKit, containerd, runc, and Lima. He has previously talked at several FLOSS conferences such as KubeCon, DockerCon, FOSDEM, ApacheCon, and Open Source Summit.

  • Alexander Kanevskiy headshot

    Alexander is currently employed by Intel as Principal Engineer, Cloud Software, focusing on various aspects in Kubernetes: Resource Management, Device plugins for hardware accelerators, Cluster Lifecycle and Cluster APIs. Alexander has over 25+ years of experience in areas of Linux distributions, SCM, Networking, Infrastructure, Release Engineering, Cloud Orchestration, Continuous Integration & Delivery. Alexander is an active member of Kubernetes SIG-Node and CNCF TAG-Runtimes.

  • Alexander Ziskind headshot
    Alexander Ziskind Technical Director, Nuvious
  • Ali Hashmi headshot
    Ali Hashmi Senior Programmer/Healthcare Data Scientist, IBM Consulting
  • Alolita Sharma headshot

    Alolita Sharma is a OpenTelemetry GC member and CNCF Observability TAG co-chair. She also serves on the CNCF Governing Board and is a CNCF End User Technical Advisory Board member from Apple. She leads Apple’s AIML observability teams. She contributes to OpenTelemetry, CNCF, Unicode, W3C. Previously, Alolita led observability, search engineering and open source strategy at AWS and has managed engineering teams at IBM, PayPal, Twitter, Wikipedia. She has also served on the OSI,, Unicode Consortium boards.

  • Ana Jiménez Santamaría headshot
    Ana Jiménez Santamaría OSS Event Chair & TODO Group OSPO Program Manager, The Linux Foundation
  • Andreas Fehlner headshot

    Dr. Andreas Fehlner works as software engineer for artificial intelligence in pre-development with a focus on transferring ideas in the field of AI to working products at TRUMPF Laser. He is passionate about the goals of Open Source for AI. As an elected member of the ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) Steering Committee, he is committed to establishing this standard. He also represents ONNX within the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) of the LF AI & Data project. He also is one of the Chairs of the Trusted AI Committee of the LF AI & Data project. 

  • Anna Jung headshot
    Anna Jung ML Open Source Engineer, VMware
  • Ariel Jolo headshot

    Jolo founded of Sysarmy and Nerdearla and has significantly contributed to Open Source in Latin America. With extensive experience as a SysAdmin and in communications, he has effectively engaged with the tech community across various companies.

  • Arpana Durgaprasad headshot
    Arpana Durgaprasad Manager, Power User Technologies and Lab, IBM
  • Arron Wang headshot
    Arron Wang
  • Bandan Das headshot

    I am an engineer in the Virtualization group with focus on KVM and the Linux kernel. I am broadly interested in the topics of Virtualization performance and hypervisor fuzzing. I have worked on other subsystems in the kernel such as PCI and device drivers.

  • Behan Webster headshot
    Behan Webster Principal Consultant, Converse in Code
  • Bethany Griggs headshot

    Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat and a Node.js Technical Steering Committee Member. Beth has been involved with the Node.js project since 2016, when she joined IBM in their Node.js Runtime Team. Now at Red Hat, she’s continuing her work around Node.js. Beth is an active member of the Node.js Release Working Group, who audit the content for and produce the Node.js releases. Her other focuses include the creation of resources and tooling to support Node.js deployments to cloud.

  • Bob Callaway headshot

    Bob is the tech lead & manager of the supply chain integrity group in Google’s Open Source Security Team. He and his team directly contribute to critical OSS secure software supply chain projects (including sigstore that he co-founded), as well as help drive adoption of best practices throughout the broader open source ecosystem.

  • Robert Martin headshot

    Robert Martin, a Senior Software and Supply Chain Assurance Principal Engineer at MITRE focused on the interplay of risk management, security, and assurance, author of over 60 standards, creator of CAPEC and CWE, and working on standardizing SBOMs and MITRE’s supply chain security System of Trust™.

  • Cara Delia headshot

    Cara Delia is the Sr Principal Community Architect with responsibility for spearheading initiatives in financial services related open source software communities to grow Red Hat’s presence.Additionally, advocate for open source principles and assist Red Hat’s customers in those upstream communities to contribute. 

    Cara has over 15 years in marketing and community engagement with the primary focus being in the financial services industry. Cara holds a B.S. in Political Science from Virginia Polytechnic & State University.

  • Chris Aniszczyk headshot
    Chris Aniszczyk VP, Developer Relations, The Linux Foundation and CTO, CNCF
  • Chris Xie headshot

    Chris Xie serves as the Head of Open Source Strategy at Futurewei, where he leads various strategic open source initiatives. His involvement in diverse open source communities has established him as a knowledgeable and strategic thought leader. Chris plays an active role in several key projects and committees, contributing to organizations like LF Research, LF Energy, Green Software Foundation, and OpenSSF, as well as the Todo Group (OSPO). Earlier in his career, Chris started a software startup company as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur , focusing on decentralized computing. Chris holds patents in network management and distributed systems, reflecting his strong technical expertise. Recognized for his cross-cultural leadership, he has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle Business News.

  • Christian Bromann headshot

    Founding Engineer at Stateful measuring and improving developer happiness every day a bit more. Open Source and Open Standards Advocate. Cross Project Council member at the OpenJS Foundation representing WebdriverIO.

  • Christopher Robinson “CRob” headshot

    CRob is a 42nd level Dungeon Master
    25th level Securityologist. He is a leader within several Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) efforts and is a frequent speaker on cyber, application, and open source security. He enjoys hats, herding cats, and moonlit walks on the beach.

  • Clare Dillon headshot

    Clare Dillon is an open source and InnerSource advocate and is currently part of the organizing team of CURIOSS, a community for university and research institution OSPOs. Alongside her work at CURIOSS, Clare is a member of the Lero (Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software) OSPO team. From 2021-2023, Clare served as the inaugural Executive Director of InnerSource Commons, a global non-profit foundation supporting open collaboration methods in corporate software development. In 2021, Clare co-founded Open Ireland Network, a community for those interested in advancing open source at a national level in Ireland. 

  • Claudio Wunder headshot
    Claudio Wunder Sr. Software Engineer, Growth, HubSpot
  • Dan Brown headshot

    Dan Brown oversees all marketing and communications operations for LF Energy, an open source foundation focused on the power systems sector, hosted within The Linux Foundation. He has held a variety of marketing-related roles at the Linux Foundation, including heading marketing for the foundation’s events and training businesses. Dan previously held senior roles in B2B technology-focused public relations agencies in London, San Francisco, and Chicago. He holds a BS in Public Policy and Management from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles and an MA in Public Communication and Public Relations from the University of Westminster in London.

  • Daniel Cousineau headshot
    Daniel Cousineau Senior Engineering Manager, GoDaddy
  • Daniel Izquierdo headshot

    Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar is a researcher and one of the founders of Bitergia, a company that provides software analytics for open and InnerSource ecosystems. Currently holding the position of Chief Executive Officer, he is focused on the quality of the data, research of new metrics, analysis and studies of interest for Bitergia customers via data mining and processing. Izquierdo Cortázar earned a PhD in free software engineering from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid in 2012 focused on the analysis of buggy developers activity patterns in the Mozilla community. He is in an active contributor and board member of CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software) as well as President of the InnerSource Commons Foundation.

  • Dave Coffin headshot
    Dave Coffin Software Engineer, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
  • David Hirsch headshot
    David Hirsch OSPO Team Lead, Dynatrace
  • Dr. David A. Wheeler headshot

    Dr. David A. Wheeler is an expert on open source software (OSS) and on developing secure software. He is the Director of Open Source Supply Chain Security at the Linux Foundation and teaches a graduate course in developing secure software at George Mason University (GMU). Dr. Wheeler has a PhD in Information Technology, a Master’s in Computer Science, a certificate in Information Security, a certificate in Software Engineering, and a B.S. in Electronics Engineering, all from George Mason University (GMU). He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He lives in Northern Virginia.

  • Dawn Foster headshot

    Dr. Dawn Foster works as the Director of Data Science for CHAOSS where she is also a board member / maintainer. She is co-chair of CNCF TAG Contributor Strategy and an OpenUK board member. She has 20+ years of experience at companies like VMware and Intel with expertise in community, strategy, governance, metrics, and more. She has spoken at over 100 industry events and has a BS in computer science, an MBA, and a PhD. In her spare time she enjoys reading science fiction, running, and traveling.

  • Divy Tolia headshot
    Divy Tolia IT/Business Strategy, IT/Business Strategy
  • Divya Mohan headshot

    Divya is a Senior Technical Evangelist at SUSE, where she contributes to Rancher’s cloud native open source projects. She co-chairs the documentation for the Kubernetes project & has previously worked extensively in the systems engineering space during her tenure with HSBC & IGate Global Solutions Pvt Ltd. A co-creator of the KCNA exam & a CNCF ambassador, she is invested in making technical communities & technologies more accessible & inclusive.

  • Dylan Schiemann headshot
    Dylan Schiemann Co-Founder & CEO, Living Spec
  • Eduardo Casarero headshot
    Eduardo Casarero IT Operations Manager, Percona
  • Eduardo Silva Pereira headshot
    Eduardo Silva Pereira CEO & Founder, Calyptia
  • Elena Zannoni headshot

    Elena Zannoni is an Senior Director of Linux Engineering at Oracle, with focus on Toolchain and Tracing. Elena has presented at many Linux Foundation conferences on various development related topics, like Tracing, BPF, DTrace, CTF, and more. Elena has been part of the LPC committee, and part of the OSS/LinuxCon Program committee for several years.

  • Eric Egan headshot

    Eric Egan has an M.S. in computer science and has worked as a release manager and technical trainer at the Linux Foundation.

  • Erick Zhao headshot
    Erick Zhao Senior Software Engineer, Slack
  • Evan Anderson headshot

    Software Engineer at Stacklok, securing the software supply chain. Knative steering committee member. Previously at VMware and Google, founding member of Knative. Also previously worked on Google Serverless (Cloud Run, Functions, App Engine) and Google Compute Engine.

  • Fabiano Fidêncio headshot

    Fabiano Fidencio, a Cloud Orchestration Software Engineer at Intel, has a strong passion for easing the usability of the projects he works on. For the past few years, he’s served as an Architecture Committee member of the Kata Containers project and has been involved with Confidential Containers from its early stages.

  • Fazlur Khan headshot

    Technical trainer and Kubernetes course maintainer for Linux Foundation.

  • Ganesh Maharaj Mahalingam headshot
    Ganesh Maharaj Mahalingam Senior Software Engineer, Apple
  • Georg Kunz headshot
    Georg Kunz Open Source Program Manager, Ericsson
  • Georg Link headshot

    Georg Link is an Open Source Strategist. Georg’s mission is to make open source more professional in its use of community metrics and analytics. Georg co-founded the Linux Foundation CHAOSS Project to advance analytics and metrics for open source project health. Georg is an active contributor to several open source projects and has presented on open source topics on many occasions. Georg has an MBA and a Ph.D. in Information Technology. As the Director of Sales at Bitergia, Georg helps organizations and communities with adopting metrics and making open source more sustainable. In his spare time, Georg enjoys reading fiction and hot-air ballooning.

  • Gergely Csatári headshot
    Gergely Csatári Senior Specialist, Open Source, Nokia
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman headshot

    Greg is among a distinguished group of software developers who maintain Linux at the kernel level. In his role as Linux Foundation Fellow, he continues his work as the maintainer for the Linux stable kernel branch and a variety of subsystems while working in a fully neutral environment.

  • Haytham Abuelfutuh headshot

    CoFounder and CTO @ and co-author of, the LF AI&Data Workflow orchestrator.

  • Heather Ackenhusen headshot

    Heather Ackenhusen has over 25 years of technical leadership experience, directing large engineering organizations in software development, data science & engineering, network engineering, security, and quality assurance.  Throughout her career, she has driven the introduction of new technologies, products, and services for customers, focusing on product, portfolio, and program/project management.  Heather’s background extends into a variety of industries such as fintech, e-commerce, smart devices, telecommunications, and IT.  Heather has held director and senior leadership roles at Amazon, U.S. Cellular, SAIC/Telcordia, and AT&T.  She recently pivoted to mission driven work, and currently serves as a principal consultant for the Linux Foundation on the OS-Climate project, a non-profit, collaborative Open-Source community, focused on building the data infrastructure and analytical tools required to dramatically increase the flow of global capital investments into climate change mitigation and resilience solutions.

  • Ibrahim Haddad headshot

    Dr. Ibrahim Haddad is the Executive Director of the LF AI & Data Foundation . Throughout his career, Haddad has held technology and portfolio management roles at Ericsson Research, the Open Source Development Labs, Motorola, Palm, Hewlett-Packard, the Linux Foundation and Samsung Research. He writes and speaks on topics ranging from legal compliance to using open source as an R&D tool to drive collaboration and innovation. [@IbrahimAtLinux]

  • Jake Edge headshot

    Jake has been wrassling with computers since he first laid eyes on a TRS-80 lo these many years ago. After graduating with a Computer Science degree and a brief dabble in grad school, he did systems programming for a (too) long list of startups, mostly in Colorado. He wrote software for around 20 years and, since 2007, now he writes about software — Linux and free software, in particular — at He lives with his wife and a loony dog near the beach in Baja California Sur.

  • Jan van den Berg headshot
    Jan van den Berg Site Reliability Engineer, Ahold Delhaize
  • Jim Spohrer headshot

    Jim Spohrer is a student of service science and open-source, trusted AI. He is a retired industry executive (Apple, IBM), who is a member of the Board of Directors of the non-profit International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP) and ServCollab. At IBM, he served as Director for Open Source AI/Data, Global University Programs, IBM Almaden Service Research, and CTO IBM Venture Capital Relations Group. At Apple, he achieved Distinguished Engineer Scientist Technologist (DEST) for authoring and learning platforms. After MIT (BS/Physics), he developed speech recognition systems at Verbex (Exxon), then Yale (PhD/Computer Science AI). With over ninety publications and nine patents, awards include AMA ServSIG Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Service Discipline, Evert Gummesson Service Research, Vargo-Lusch Service-Dominant Logic, Daniel Berg Service Systems, and PICMET Fellow for advancing service science. In 2021, Jim was appointed a UIDP Senior Fellow (University-Industry Demonstration Partnership).

  • Joe Sepi headshot

    Joe Sepi is passionate about advancing the web forward through open source technologies and open communities. He has held engineering leadership positions at The New York Times, Adobe, Credit Suisse, Sears as well as a few start-ups. He joined IBM to lead developer advocacy for StrongLoop, lead the North America-East (NYC and beyond) dev advocacy team, and is currently focused on his passion, Node + JS, as an open source engineer. He was also recently promoted to be Program Director of Open Tech at IBM. At night, he plays in a couple punk rock bands. 

  • Jonathan Corbet headshot

    Jonathan Corbet is the kernel documentation maintainer, co-founder of, a member of the Linux Foundation’s Technical Advisory Board, and the lead author of Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition.  He lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

  • Jonathan Le Lous headshot

    For more than 19 years I have been helping organizations being Lean\Agile and modernizing their App Portfolios and Software Development Life Cycle. Using DevOps, Cloud, PaaS, Containers, Microservices, API we increased delivery velocity and reducing TCO.
    Passionate by Open Source, as a pragmatic leader I’m used to work with partners and technologies from everywhere and building bridges between traditional IT and innovative approaches.

    As a community member, I have been engaged in various non-profit communities to contribute and promote Open Source. Throughout my career I have been active on producing content as Blog posts, articles, videos about technologies.

  • Josh Bressers headshot

    Josh Bressers is the Vice President of Security at Anchore. Josh has helped build and manage product security teams for open source projects as well as several organizations. Josh is the co-lead of the OpenSSF SBOM Everywhere project and co-hosts the Open Source Security Podcast and the Hacker History Podcast. He also is the co-founder of the Global Security Database project to bring vulnerability identification into the modern age.

  • Kamlesh Nagware headshot

    Kamlesh is a TEDx speaker and CTO Blockchain at Snapper Future Tech. He is among the top 30 Influencers of Blockchain in India. He is Hyperledger India Co-Chair and a member of the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee(TSC) drives technical directions of Hyperledger Foundation which is The Linux Foundation enterprise blockchain project. He plays an active role across the Hyperledger community, contributing to the Climate Action & Accounting SIG, Trade Finance SIG, and Hyperledger Global Forum Committee member. He is also a Co-chair of the IEEE Blockchain initiative at the IEEE Global level. Mentor at APIARY Blockchain COE which is STPI & MEITY initiative.

  • Kate Stewart headshot

    Kate Stewart is a Senior Director of Strategic Programs, responsible for the Open Compliance programs encompassing the SPDX, FOSSology, OpenChain, and other compliance-related projects. Kate was one of the founders of SPDX, and is currently the specification lead. Since joining The Linux Foundation, she has also launched Real-Time Linux and Zephyr Project.

    With almost 30 years of experience in the software industry, she has held a variety of roles and worked as a developer in Canada, Australia, and the US and for the last 20 years has managed software development teams in the US, Canada, UK, India, and China. She received her Master’s in computer science from the University of Waterloo and her Bachelor’s of computer science (co-op program) from the University of Manitoba.

  • Katherine Druckman headshot

    Katherine Druckman is an Open Source Evangelist at Intel where she enjoys sharing her passion for a variety of open source topics. She is a long-time open source advocate, developer, and podcaster, and is currently the host of Open at Intel and a co-host of the FLOSS Weekly and Reality 2.0 podcasts. Previously, Katherine spent over a decade as Director of Digital Experience at Linux Journal. A passionate Drupalist since she first downloaded a tarball in 2005, she has also been a Drupal contributor and a Software Engineer.

  • Keqiu Hu headshot

    Keqiu leads the AI Training & Pipeline Platform team at LinkedIn, empowering AI engineers to develop and deploy larger models faster. Prior to joining the AI Platform team, Keqiu led efforts in scaling LinkedIn’s Hadoop infrastructure.

  • Kerim Satirli headshot

    Kerim is a senior developer advocate at HashiCorp, where he focuses on coaching operators and developers on sustainable practices around infrastructure and orchestration workflows.

    He enjoys the challenge of codifying the fragile bits of complex systems but is also excited to no longer be on-call, all the time.

    Before he joined HashiCorp, Kerim worked on Industrial IoT for the Amsterdam airport and helped cultural institutions navigate the journey from offline to online collections.

    When Kerim isn’t working, he’s either spending time with his daughter, enjoying aerial photography, or baking a cake or two.

  • Laura Santamaria headshot

    As a Lead Developer Advocate at Dell Technologies, Laura Santamaria loves to learn and explain how things work to bridge the gaps in engineering disciplines. She is the curator for A Minute on the Mic, a cohost for The Hallway Track podcast, and the ex-host of Quick Bites of Cloud Engineering on YouTube. As a community member, she co-hosts Austin DevOps and Cloud Austin, taught Python for Women Who Code Austin for many years, organizes DevOpsDays Austin, is a member of the PyTexas Foundation, and has been a returning program committee member for Open Source Summit’s Cloud Open track. Outside of tech, Laura runs, plays with her dogs, throws discs, and watches clouds—the real kind.

  • Lauren Maffeo headshot

    Lauren is an award-winning author, analyst, and designer of data systems for the U.S. Federal government. Career highlights include leading service design for an agency database with 46 million+ unique data points, PDF parsing for a website migration from PHP to Drupal, and designing the first service models for Chief Data and AI Offices.

    Lauren currently supports the U.S. Coast Guard’s first Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer (CDAO), where she leads design activities to align data mesh, governance, AI, and analytics with the Coast Guard’s key priorities. Her first book, “Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up”, was adapted into a LinkedIn Learning course.

    Lauren is a founding editor of Springer’s AI and Ethics journal and a former area editor for Data and Policy, an open access journal with Cambridge University Press. She has presented at venues/with partners including Princeton and Columbia Universities, the U.S. State Department, and Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters. 

    Prior to joining Steampunk, Lauren was an associate principal analyst at Gartner, where she covered the impact of emerging tech like AI and blockchain on small business owners. Lauren has written for Harvard Data Science Review, Financial Times, and The Guardian, among other publications. She has also peer reviewed technology research and books published by the GovLab at NYU, O’Reilly Media, and The Atlantic Council. 

    Lauren is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a former member of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Distinguished Speakers Program, and a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, where she helps judge the Webby Awards. She is on 2 nonprofit boards and volunteers with The Linux Foundation.

  • Leslie Hawthorn headshot

    An internationally known open source strategist and community engagement expert, Leslie Hawthorn has spent her career creating, cultivating, and enabling open source communities. She has driven open source strategy in Fortune 10 companies, pre-IPO startups, and Foundation Boards including senior roles at Red Hat, Google, the Open Source Initiative, and Elastic. She currently leads the team responsible for industry community strategy within Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office in the Office of the CTO.

  • Malini Bhandaru headshot

    Dr. Malini Bhandaru is a Cloud Security Architect and Intel Sr. Principal Engineer. Her focus areas are confidential compute and cloud to edge security. She has worked for over a decade in open source on projects such as Confidential Containers, EdgeX Foundry, KubeFlow, OpenStack, and OpenDaylight.  At Intel, she first worked on Xeon server power and performance architecture and over her career on applications spanning autonomous driving, health care, and telco. Malini holds over 20 patents, has served on the Open Source Summit, ONES, KubeCon  program committees and is a frequent conference speaker. She has a Ph.D. in Machine Learning, is a STEM coach and loves gardening.

  • Marlow Weston headshot

    Marlow is a Cloud Software Architect working on resource management for Kubernetes at Intel. She also is a chair for the CNCF Environmental Sustainability TAG. Marlow has expertise in resource management, the AI/ML Kubernetes cloud compute ecosystem, embedded systems, high performance compute system tools, kernel drivers, tracing libraries, and security. Marlow’s interests lie in optimizing the cloud native ecosystem for both heterogenous systems and also for HPC/AI/ML compute with an eye for both performance and sustainability.

  • Masae Shida headshot

    I am a Staff Open Source Program Manager, leading the company’s open source business and community strategy alignment, and strategy consultations. Previously I led numerous programs that include large-scale DX/IT transformation as part of M&A at Cisco, security compliance process implementation, consumer platform development on Linux/Android/iOS at multiple blue chip companies. I began my career as a software developer in Japan, then worked in the US. I now live in the UK with English husband and son.

  • Max Körbächer headshot

    Max is Founder and Cloud Native Advocate at Liquid Reply. He is Co-Chair of the CNCF Environmental Sustainability Technical Advisory Group, CNCF Ambassador, Linux Foundation Europe Advisory Board inaugural member and served 3 years at the Kubernetes release team. In his work he supports and advice enterprises on Open Source matters and how to build platforms as a product. He focuses on designing and building cloud-native solutions on/with Kubernetes anywhere and platform engineering to simplify the current challenges of complex systems. Besides, Max organizes Kubernetes Community Days in Munich & Ukraine, and Kubernetes/Cloud Native Meetups in Munich.

  • Michael Picht headshot
    Michael Picht Chief Architect, Open Source Program Office, SAP
  • Mike Samuel headshot
    Mike Samuel Technical Founder & CEO, Stealth
  • Mikko Ylinen headshot
    Mikko Ylinen Senior Linux Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Rob Clark headshot

    Robert is the Vice President of Security Architecture at Oracle Cloud. Robert’s built a career in securing public Clouds, having previously worked for Amazon, IBM and Hewlett Packard. Robert is a keen open-source advocate, having previously participated in the CNCF Security TAG and Co-Founded the OpenStack Security Group.

  • Nathan Walker headshot

    Nathan Walker has enjoyed the opportunity to work in the web/mobile app development industry for over 15 years now. Spending several years working across multiple industries helped establish a focused sensibility with client needs. A cofounder of nStudio and an active member of the NativeScript Technical Steering Committee with a passion for open source.

  • Nigel Brown headshot

    Nigel is a Senior Developer Advocate based in Austin, Texas. He was drawn to the craft of software engineering because of the agency it provides people to build and interact with worlds of their own creation. He focuses on Cloud Native technologies and his passions in technology are community building, High Performance Computing, and free and open source software (and hardware).

  • Niki Manoledaki headshot

    Niki Manoledaki is a Software Engineer at Weaveworks working on various open source cloud native tools. She is an advocate for environmental sustainability initiatives at Weaveworks as well as the CNCF Environmental Sustainability TAG and GitOps WG. She was previously a maintainer of eksctl, the official AWS EKS CLI.

  • Nithya Ruff headshot

    Nithya A. Ruff is the Head of Amazon’s Open Source Program Office. Open Source has proven
    to be one of the world’s most prolific enablers of innovation and collaboration and Amazon’s
    customers increasingly value open source innovation and the and cloud’s role in helping them
    adopt and run important open source services. She drives open source culture and
    coordination inside of Amazon and engagement with external communities. Prior to Amazon,
    she started and grew Comcast and Western Digital’s Open Source Program Offices. Open
    Source Program Offices are a critical part of a company’s digital transformation and innovation

    Nithya has been director-at-large on the Linux Foundation Board for the last 5 years and in
    2019 was elected to be Chair of the influential Linux Foundation Board. She works actively to
    advance the mission of the Linux Foundation around building sustainable ecosystems that are
    built on open collaboration. She is a passionate advocate and a speaker for opening doors to
    new and diverse people in technology and can often be seen speaking and writing on this topic.
    Nithya graduated with an M.S. in Computer Science from NDSU and an MBA from the
    University of Rochester, Simon Business School and is an aspiring corporate board director and
    governance enthusiast. You can follow her on twitter @nithyaruff and you can find her

  • Phil Estes headshot

    Phil is a Principal Engineer for Amazon Web Services (AWS), focused on core container technologies that power AWS container offerings like Fargate, EKS, and ECS. Phil is currently an active contributor and maintainer for the CNCF containerd runtime project, and participates in the Open Container Initiative (OCI) as the member of the Technical Oversight Board (TOB). Phil has also been a long-time core contributor and maintainer on the Docker/Moby engine
    project where he contributed key features like user namespace support and multi-platform image capabilities.

    Phil enjoys helping others understand and apply container and cloud native concepts and speaks worldwide at industry conferences and meetups, and is a member of the CNCF Ambassadors program. He maintains a blog on container topics at and you can find him on Twitter tweeting away as @estesp.

  • Priti Desai headshot
    Priti Desai Senior Software Engineer, IBM
  • Robin Bender Ginn headshot

    Robin Bender Ginn is the Executive Director of the OpenJS Foundation, the open and neutral home to grow and sustain the JavaScript and web ecosystem.

  • Rose Judge headshot

    Rose Judge is a Senior Open Source Engineer at Broadcom (formerly VMware) where she works on the supply chain security team to improve gaps around SBOM creation, quality, distribution and policy. She is also an open source project maintainer, Chair of the SPDX Steering Committee and Chair for the Linux Foundation’s Automating Compliance Tooling Technical Advisory Council.

  • Ruijing Guo headshot

    Ruijing is a software engineer with deep knowledge in virtualization, network, storage, embedded system.

  • Ruoyu Ying headshot
    Ruoyu Ying Cloud Software Engineer, Intel
  • Ruth Ikegah headshot

    Ruth Ikegah is an Open-Source Program Manager, Community Manager, GitHub Star, and Technical Writer. She is sparked about onboarding beginners into the tech system, especially the open-source space. 

  • Ruth Suehle headshot

    Ruth Suehle is Director of Open Source at SAS, where she is creating a nearly 50-year-old analytics, data management, and AI software company’s first open source program office. Ruth has helped build open source communities for nearly two decades, much of which she spent in the OSPO at Red Hat.

    She is executive vice-president of the Apache Software Foundation, a producer of the ApacheCon conference, and serves on the Open@RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) advisory board. In the past, Ruth served on the governing board and TSC of O3DF. Co-author of Raspberry Pi Hacks (O’Reilly, December 2013) and former editor of Red Hat Magazine and, she is a frequent writer, currently as core contributor at of WIRED), where she covers the adventures of motherhood and fandom.

  • Ryan Ware headshot

    Ryan is currently Director of Open Source Security at Intel and is the chair for the OpenSSF Security Tooling WG as well as the alternate for the OpenSSF Governing Board. He has spent the last twenty five years working at the intersection of open source software and security.

  • Saeed Kasmani headshot

    As a dynamic team leader and AI specialist, I have made significant strides in driving innovative AI solutions across diverse sectors such as government, financial services, banking, telecommunications, and retail. My expertise lies in seamlessly integrating generative AI and foundational models into scalable platforms, focusing on enhancing user experiences with AI-driven advancements. My leadership, characterized by a proactive and forward-thinking approach, has been instrumental in leading teams to pioneer new frontiers in AI technology. These efforts have culminated in my teams achieving recognition for groundbreaking solutions and have established me as a prominent figure in the AI community.

    My academic and professional journey is marked by several notable achievements. In 2021, I was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), a milestone reflecting my academic dedication. The following year, I published over 25 papers in renowned journals and conferences, reaching over 590 citations, demonstrating the impact and relevance of my research. In 2023, I expanded my influence with a blog published on IBM’s website, showcasing my ability to communicate complex AI concepts broadly. Additionally, my role as a supervisor at UTS led to significant successes in 2018 and 2019, where I guided teams to top positions at the VIP Cup at ICIP, the world’s biggest image processing conference.

    My philosophy and contribution to the AI field are rooted in a belief in continuous learning and innovation. The ever-evolving landscape of AI demands an unrelenting commitment to adapt and innovate, a principle that is at the core of my work and leadership style. By focusing on making AI accessible and beneficial to a broader audience, I have worked towards ensuring that the benefits of AI extend beyond academia and research labs. This approach has not only shaped my career but also my contributions to the AI community, solidifying my position as a leader and a fervent advocate for the practical application of AI technologies.

  • Sasha Levin headshot

    Sasha helps maintain the Linux Kernel Stable and LTS trees. He is currently employed by Google where he helps make Linux better. Previously, Sasha was employed by Microsoft and the Ksplice team in Oracle.

  • Shane Coughlan headshot

    Shane Coughlan is an expert in communication, security and business development. His professional accomplishments include building the largest open source governance community in the world through the OpenChain Project, spearheading the licensing team that elevated Open Invention Network into the largest patent non-aggression community in history and establishing the first global network for open source legal experts. He is a founder of both the first law journal and the first law book dedicated to open source. He currently leads the OpenChain Project and is a General Assembly Member of OpenForum Europe.

  • Shayne Boyer headshot
    Shayne Boyer Principal PM Manager Azure Developer Tools & Experience, Microsoft
  • Sheetal Joshi headshot
    Sheetal Joshi Senior Developer Advocate – Container Services, AWS
  • Shilla Saebi headshot

    With a passion for community building and a focus on developer happiness, Shilla Saebi champions using open source and empowers technologists to create innovative solutions while collaborating with upstream open source communities. As the Sr. Director of Comcast’s Open Source Program Office, Shilla, drives the company’s open source strategy and advances collaboration within the broader tech ecosystem. Shilla has a wealth of experience in the open source world. Her commitment to open source extends beyond her work at Comcast, as evidenced by her role as a CNCF Ambassador and a member of the TODOGroup Steering Committee since 2021. She was involved with OpenStack for over five years, serving on both the User Committee Board and the Superuser Editorial Advisory Board, and is a maintainer of several open source projects. Shilla enjoys good music, traveling, coffee, outdoor activities, and art when she’s not working.

  • Shuah Khan headshot
    Shuah Khan Linux Fellow, The Linux Foundation
  • Stefano Stabellini headshot

    Stefano Stabellini is a Fellow at AMD, where he leads system software architecture and the virtualization team. Previously, at Aporeto, he created a virtualization-based security solution for containers and authored several security articles. As Senior Principal Software Engineer in Citrix, he led a small group of passionate engineers working on Open Source projects. Stefano has been involved in Xen development since 2007. He created libxenlight in November 2009 and started the Xen port to ARM with virtualization extensions in 2011. Today he is a Xen Project committer, and he maintains Xen on ARM and Xen support in Linux and QEMU.

  • Stefka Dimitrova headshot

    Stefka Dimitrova is a Senior Program Manager within the Source Strategy team, where she fosters community development and works on guidelines and tools to improve the health of open source projects. She has a business and financial background and has been working in the Software Development industry for the last 10 years, managing program-level tasks, process responsibilities, and continuous improvement initiatives. In her free time, Stefka loves rock climbing and hiking, and guides kids and teenagers in adventure programs and summer camps. She acts in an improv theater called “Playback” and is fascinated by human nature, psychology and personal development, in which she is an avid reader and learner.

  • Stephen Geary headshot
    Stephen Geary Director, Open Source, Wind River
  • Steven Rostedt headshot

    Steven Rostedt currently works for Google on the ChromeOS baseOS performance team. He is the main developer and maintainer for ftrace, the official tracer of the Linux kernel, as well as the user space tools and libraries that interact with the Linux tracing interface. Steven is also one of the original developers for the Real Time patch (PREEMPT_RT) and still helps maintain the stable releases of the Real Time patch set. He also develops (in the kernel) and created the “make localmodconfig” option.

  • Sven Herpig headshot
    Sven Herpig Director, Cybersecurity Policy & Resilience, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung
  • Ted Ts’o headshot

    Theodore Ts’o is the first North American Linux Kernel Developer, and
    started working with Linux in September, 1991. He also served as the
    tech lead for the MIT Kerberos V5 development team, and served as a
    chair of IP Security working group at the IETF. He previously served
    as CTO for the Linux Foundation, and is currently employed at Google.
    Theodore is a Debian Developer, and is the maintainer of the ext4 file
    system in the Linux kernel. He is the maintainer and original author
    of the e2fsprogs userspace utilities for the ext2, ext3, and ext4 file

  • Thomas Steenbergen headshot

    Thomas Steenbergen helps organizations manage open source in a strategic and efficient manner that meets their business needs. Previously he was the Head of Open Source Program Office at EPAM Systems and HERE Technologies. He is maintainer of OSS Review Toolkit, SPDX, TODO group and a regular contributor to FINOS’s Open Source Readiness and OpenChain. He is a frequent speaker and panelist at various global open source conferences and is always happy to start a conversation around anything open source. See also for contact and project details.

  • Tim Pepper headshot
    Tim Pepper Principal Engineer, VMware
  • Timothy Serewicz headshot
    Timothy Serewicz Vice President of Education, The Linux Foundation
  • Ting Zhou headshot

    Ting Zhou works on open source Cloud Native Storage solutions such as MinIO and Ceph at Intel, optimizing secure storage by leveraging hardware features for fast cryptography. She has also worked on Deep Learning optimizations across Intel Server and FPGA offerings, media SDK development for embedded systems, audio enablement for Android systems, and worked on Carrier Grade Linux validation. Ting’ has worked closely with SUSE, Alibaba and Samsung teams, contributing to DL, smart phones, and tablet design wins for Intel. 

  • Tracy P Holmes headshot

    A “jackie of all trades” (and mistress of being herself), Tracy is a Technical Community Advocate at Isovalent focusing on all things Cilium, security, observability, and Anxiety Driven Development. When she isn’t leveling up her programming skills, hanging with her pup, or learning all she can about the next “Something-OPS”, she likes helping others have “lightbulb” moments. Tracy is active in the open source community and is a strong believer that open source is like gardening – pay attention to your conditions, and water only when needed. You can find her everywhere @tracypholmes.

  • Venil Noronha headshot

    Venil Noronha is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Stripe. He’s been a contributor to open source projects in the service mesh domain, like Istio and Envoy proxy.

  • Waleed Ashraf headshot
    Waleed Ashraf Senior Software EngineerSenior Software Engineer, Klarna
  • Dr. Wolfgang Gehring headshot

    Inspired by the Inner Source movement years ago, Dr. Wolfgang Gehring turned into an ambassador for Inner and Open Source and has been working on enabling and spreading the good word of FOSS within Mercedes-Benz and its IT-subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation (MBTI). A software engineer by trade, Wolfgang’s goal is to enable Mercedes-Benz to fully embrace FOSS and become a true Open Source company. He leads MBTI’s Open Source Program Office, is a member of the Mercedes-Benz FOSS Center of Competence, and a Director of the Eclipse Foundation.

    In his free time, Wolfgang likes to engage in conversations about soccer and is a passionate traveler and scuba diver. He calls Albert Einstein’s birth city of Ulm his home in Southern Germany.

  • Andy Peng headshot

    Seasoned software builder and technology leader based in Seattle, Washington. Current research areas are on model serving and inference. Expertise in Open AI + Data, Containers & Virtualization. CNCF Ambassador at the Linux Foundation and Community Lead of Cloud Native Seattle. Packt tech advisory board. Guest lecturer at the University of Washington.  

    Managed, built, and scaled numerous tier-1 products, new initiatives, businesses, and teams across various technical domains. Include Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), AWS App Runner, AWS Fargate, Amazon Alexa, and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). 

    Public speaker and author. Actively lead cloud-native solutions adoption across organizations and engage in open-source projects like Kubernetes, Envoy, OpenTelemetry, gRPC, containerd, Firecracker, Kafka, and RocksDB.

    Serve as the program committees for esteemed global conferences: Open Source Summit, Open Source Summit GenAI & ML Summit, KubeCon and CloudNativeCon, Southern California Linux Expo, DockerCon. Homepage:

  • Dr. Youakim Badr headshot

    Dr. Youakim Badr is Full Professor of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at the Pennsylvania State University – Great Valley.
    Dr. Badr’s current research strategy aims designing and deploying “Trustworthy AI Service Systems.” He investigates research challenges and business problems from a multidisciplinary and systemic perspectives, focusing on the following research areas: AI analytics systems, Trustworthy AI systems, Composable AI systems.

  • Natali Vlatko headshot

    Natali Vlatko (she/her) is an Open Source Architect at Cisco, specializing in open software, policy, compliance, and governance, and is a SIG Docs Co-Chair for Kubernetes. She plays on the fun computer in her spare time. Her academic background is in Egyptology and Archaeology; specifically, burial customs across the various kingdoms of Ancient Egypt. Ask her about dead stuff.