Cassandra Summit

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Cassandra Summit is the premier gathering for Apache Cassandra® data practitioners, developers, engineers and enthusiasts. It’s where the community connects to share best practices and use cases, celebrate makers and users, forge critical relationships, and learn about advancements in Apache Cassandra® (the massively scalable open source NoSQL distributed database which powers global businesses including Instagram, Netflix, Adobe, and Target) and the ecosystem driving today’s open source data infrastructure.

Plus, in 2023, discover Cassandra’s evolving role in the AI landscape with the introduction of a dedicated Cassandra + AI track. This new focus will spotlight how AI and Cassandra synergize, unlocking new possibilities and enhancing data-driven solutions. Attendees will gain actionable insights, learn best practices, and explore innovative approaches to solving real-world challenges. If you aim to deepen your technical skills, engage with like-minded professionals, and contribute to the future of Apache Cassandra and AI, this summit is the place to be!

Cassandra Summit is co-located with One registration gets you access to both events!

Event Audience

Data Practitioners

Database engineers, database administrators, database consultants, IT engineers join for career growth, use cases, projects, product development, relationship building


Software engineers, software developers, site reliability engineers, enterprise architects join for career growth, use cases, projects, product development, relationship building

Community Influencers

Cassandra committers and contributors join for rallying with their peers, the Cassandra community, and the wider ecosystem







Community Partners

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