Cassandra Summit

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Program Committee

A very special thank you to our Cassandra Summit 2023 Program Committee!

  • Artem Chebotko headshot
    Artem Chebotko Solutions Architect, DataStax
  • German Eichberger headshot
    German Eichberger Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Sharan Foga headshot
    Sharan Foga Director, Community and Developer Relations, Instaclustr by NetApp
  • Mary Grygleski headshot

    Mary is a Java Champion and a passionate Streaming Developer Advocate at DataStax, a leading data management company that champions Open Source software and specializes in Big Data, DB-as-a-service, Streaming, and Cloud-Native systems. She spent 3.5 years previously as a very effective advocate at IBM, focusing on Java, Jakarta EE, OpenJ9, Open Source, Cloud, and Distributed/Reactive Systems. She transitioned from Unix/C to Java around 2000 and has never looked back since then. She considers herself a polyglot and loves to continue learning new and better ways to solve real-life problems. She is an active tech community builder outside of her day job, and is currently the President of the Chicago Java Users Group (CJUG), as well as a co-organizer for several IBM-sponsored meetup groups in the Greater Chicago area.

  • Kirsten Hunter headshot
    Kirsten Hunter Developer Advocate, DataStax
  • Pallavi Iyengar headshot
    Pallavi Iyengar Software Engineer 2, Microsoft
  • Dinesh Joshi headshot
    Dinesh Joshi Apache Cassandra PMC Member & Senior Engineering Manager, Apple
  • Benjamin Lerer headshot
    Benjamin Lerer Apache Cassandra PMC Member and Tech Lead, DataStax
  • Melissa Logan headshot
    Melissa Logan CEO & Founder,
  • Patrick McFadin headshot
    Patrick McFadin Apache Casssandra Committer and Developer Relations, DataStax
  • Josh McKenzie headshot

    Josh is a committer and PMC member who has worked on Apache Cassandra since early 2014 for various companies and in various roles. He’s the author of Change Data Capture, Denylisting, multiple guardrails, the JVM Stability inspector, and generally has his fingers in a lot of pies. He currently works for Apple on their Cassandra Storage team.

  • Alex Petrov headshot
    Alex Petrov Apache Cassandra PMC Member and Senior Software Engineer, Apple
  • Aaron Ploetz headshot
    Aaron Ploetz Advocate, DataStax
  • Erick Ramirez headshot
    Erick Ramirez Advocate/Developer Relations, DataStax
  • Raghavan Srinivas headshot
    Raghavan Srinivas Multi-Cloud Developer Advocate/Architect, Elevance Health
  • Vivek Sundararajan headshot
    Vivek Sundararajan Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Theo van Kraay headshot
    Theo van Kraay Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Aleks Volochnev headshot
    Aleks Volochnev Developer Advocate Lead EMEA, DataStax
  • Mick Semb Wever headshot
    Mick Semb Wever Services & Consulting, DataStax







Community Partners

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