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GitOpsCon Program Committee

  • Leigh Capili headshot

    Leigh is a Kubernetes Contributor and Staff Developer Advocate with VMware.

    He authored kubeadm’s etcd mTLS implementation and Flux 2’s multi-tenant security model.
    Previously, he helped design a functional state-store for data-centers at DIRECTV/AT&T and worked to change the way people experience music at Beatport.

    Leigh is mostly concerned about helping people. He has a heart for building community and sowing into others.

    Leigh and his wife enjoy snowboarding and have a 60lb dog named Pepsi.

  • Todd Ekenstam headshot

    Todd Ekenstam is a Principal Engineer at Intuit, building a platform for secure, multi-tenant Kubernetes infrastructure supporting applications serving Intuit’s 100+ million customers. Todd has worked on various large-scale distributed systems projects during his 25+ year career, ranging from hierarchical storage management, peer-to-peer database replication, enterprise storage virtualization, two-factor authentication SaaS, and Kubernetes clusters. He has presented at various academic, government, and industry conferences. Todd is co-author of the book GitOps and Kubernetes: Continuous Deployment with Argo CD, Jenkins X, and Flux and is co-chair of the CNCF Developer Experience/End-user SIG.

  • Christian Hernandez headshot

    Christian is a well-rounded technologist with experience in infrastructure engineering, systems administration, enterprise architecture, tech support, advocacy, and management. Passionate about OpenSource and containerizing the world one application at a time. He is currently a maintainer of the OpenGitOps project, a member of the Argo Project Marketing SIG, and co-host of GitOps Guide to the Galaxy. He focuses on GitOps practices, DevOps, Kubernetes, and Containers.

  • Niklas Metje headshot

    Niklas is a DevOps Engineer at FOND OF GmbH in Cologne, Germany. After an apprenticeship and a bachelor degree at the University of Cologne, he started his journey in the cloud native space. Since September 2022 he’s also a maintainer for the CNCF’s OpenGitOps project.

  • Mike Perez headshot

    Mike is currently the community manager and acting director for the Ceph Foundation. Being a contributing member of OpenStack since 2010, he has served as a core developer for the OpenStack block storage project Cinder and as a project technical lead for the Kilo and Liberty releases. During some of this time, he worked for DreamHost to help with their OpenStack public cloud, one of the first large production deployments of Ceph, and helped with integrating a variety of block storage solutions like Ceph in Cinder. He later joined the OpenStack Foundation to help with the success of cross-project initiatives and the overall quality and health of the project and community.

  • Priyanka Ravi headshot

    Priyanka “Pinky” Ravi is a Developer Experience Engineer at Weaveworks. She has worked on a multitude of topics including front end development, UI automation for testing and API development. Previously she was a software developer at State Farm where she was on the delivery engineering team working on GitOps enablement. She was instrumental in the multi- tenancy migration to utilize Flux for an internal Kubernetes offering.

  • Hari Rongali headshot

    Hari Rongali is an Engineering Manager at Lacework. Previously worked at Intuit, Salesforce & VMware in varying roles. Engineering Leader with years of experience in leading & developing highly scalable distributed systems. Hari is passionate about open source and maintainer for CNCF graduated ArgoProject.

  • Samuel Tauil headshot

    Samuel Tauil is a Principal Specialist Solutions Architect at Red Hat, driving customer container adoption and OpenShift Container Platform solutions, using GitOps and Machine Learning tools at scale.

  • Max Jonas Werner headshot

    Max is a Tech Lead at Weaveworks, working on multi cluster Kubernetes and Flux. He is also a core maintainer of Flux. Max loves working on Distributed Systems, preferably in Go and is a passionate supporter of Free and Open Source Software. When time permits he likes to catch up on recent developments in the areas of Network Protocols, User Networks and Peer-to-Peer Networks, and enjoys building “smart” furniture and toys for his children.

  • Dan Garfield headshot

    Dan Garfield is the Co-founder and Chief Open Source Officer of Codefresh, a continuous delivery, and GitOps platform. He helped launch the GitOps Working Group and helped lead the creation of the Open GitOps principles. As an Argo Maintainer, Kubernaut, Google Developer Expert, he helps companies and individuals adopt Argo with GitOps. He helped create the most popular GitOps certification with Argo CD and writes consistently about best practices for GitOps involving Security, Development processes, and scaling.

  • Annie Talvasto headshot

    Annie Talvasto is an award-winning international tech speaker and a Sr. PMM at Microsoft. She has been recognised with the CNCF Ambassador & Azure MVP awards. Annie hosts & produces the Cloud Gossip podcast and has been a co-organizer of Kubernetes & CNCF Finland meetup since 2017. Annie has spoken at tech conferences on multiple continents, including KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, Microsoft Build & Ignite, KCDC and NDC.

  • Scott Rigby headshot

    Scott is a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist and Developer Advocate at Weaveworks. He co-founded the Basekamp art and research group in 1998 and the massively collaborative Plausible Artworlds international network. In technology, he enjoys helping develop open source software that anyone can use, most recent projects in the cloud native landscape including co-maintaining Helm and Flux. In daily decisions large or small, he tries to help make the world a better place for everyone.