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Join Continuous Delivery leaders, industry icons, practitioners, and open source developers for a two-day experience as we improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed. cdCon is the annual event by the Continuous Delivery Foundation that brings together technology teams, enterprise leadership, and open source communities to drive the future of software delivery. 

cdCon is a chance for our global community to come together to meet peers, share best practices and ideas, learn from each other and hear about the latest trends in software delivery. This year’s cdCon will be co-located with OpenJS World in Austin for two conferences in one. The conferences will bring together those working on open source application development and deployment for unlimited ways to collaborate.

This year’s sessions are grouped into 3 channels.

Technology Teams

Geared towards application developers, infra folks, DevOps engineers, security professionals, testers and any other practitioners involved with delivering software. This track spans the entire Continuous Delivery ecosystem, from workflow orchestration, configuration management, continuous testing, observability, security, MLOps, release automation, developer experience, and more.

Enterprise Leadership

Tailored for senior leaders and decision-makers from organizations interested in measuring DevOps, scaling, transformation, security, FinOps, and developer productivity.  

Open Source Communities

Tailored for open source core contributors and maintainers running and growing CDF projects and special interest groups, as well as folks looking to get involved with open source for the first time. This includes Jenkins, Spinnaker, Tekton, Jenkins X and other CDF communities. 







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