Mentorship Session: Static Analysis & Tools

Static Analysis & Tools
January 27 | 7:30 – 9:00 am PST

Join us for Static Analysis & Tools, with Jan-Simon Möller, Release Manager, Automotive Grade Linux.

In this presentation, we will introduce the concept of Static Analysis and how it can help you make your code better. The focus is to use Linux and Open Source Tooling to make it easily reproducible. Finally, we’ll discuss the benefits and use-cases.

The session will begin with an overview by Jan-Simon Möller (45 minutes) and will be followed by Q&A – an opportunity to both ask questions and for group discussion (45 minutes).

Jan-Simon Möller, Release Manager, Automotive Grade Linux

Jan-Simon Möller is Release Manager of the Automotive Grade Linux Project (AGL). He’s an active contributor to Open Source projects for over a decade and serves as Board Member of the Yocto Project representing AGL. When not dealing with Linux, he is an amateur radio operator.