LF Live: Mentorship Series

The Linux Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a virtual mentoring series, launching this month. The purpose of this ongoing monthly series is to:

  • Offer opportunities to learn and re-skill for those that have been displaced from jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Help those entering the open source community to grow their skills and build their network so they are better set up for successful careers.
  • Grow the number of people entering the open source job market which has a huge demand for new talent.
  • Encourage new people to apply to participate in The Linux Foundation’s mentoring program and other community mentoring programs hosted by our projects. 

These virtual mentoring sessions will be complimentary, and all who are interested in participating are encouraged to register and attend.
A new topic and mentor will be featured each month, covering a range of technical and community-related topics applicable to the Linux Kernel, as well as to other open-source projects.

Confirmed mentoring sessions are listed below. Please check back soon for registration information on these sessions, as well as new sessions and mentors for future months.


Thursday, October 29
7:00 AM PST
Writing Change Logs That Make Sense
Mentor: Shuah Khan, Kernel Maintainer & Fellow, The Linux Foundation
Tuesday, December 8
Time TBA
Best Practices to Getting Your Patches Accepted
Mentor: Greg Kroah-Hartman, Fellow, The Linux Foundation
Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Time TBA
Open Source Licensing
Mentor: Steve Winslow, Director of Strategic Programs, The Linux Foundation