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Track Overview

ONE Summit tracks are divided based on specific themes and objectives, ensuring attendees can focus on topics relevant to their interests and expertise. Each track delves into different aspects across the end-to-end open networking and edge stack, from Access to Edge to Core to RAN. By separating tracks, attendees can efficiently navigate through the conference program and deepen their understanding of specific areas such as AI, emerging technologies across enterprise, carrier or cloud ecosystems, operations, security, and the overall open networking experience.

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The Future of Open Innovation

Come shape what open networking and edge look like in the coming decades. This track will answer that question with presentations on non-traditional and non-terrestrial networks, Industry 4.0 & 5.0, sustainability and green energy innovations. How should end users and operators approach our future going forward? Networking and Edge Technology Advancements – what will the next 10 years bring?

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Who should attend?

This track is suitable for individuals interested in the future of networking technologies, including executives and developers alike who want to stay ahead of the curve.

What will you learn?

Attending sessions in this track will help you shape your understanding of recent trends in open networking and edge computing. Audience members will get a chance to learn what is behind many of the hyped buzzwords, what is becoming real and what will take more time to mature.

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AI Implementation Across Telecom, Cloud, Enterprise, and Edge

Learn about successes and challenges in deploying AI with peers from around the world. Whether you’re taking your first steps in building “AI for Network” or “Network for AI,” or whether you have implemented successfully, this track will be a platform to explore what our industry’s focus should be.

Who should attend?

This is a must-attend track for anyone interested in keeping up with the impact of AI on networks, network infrastructure, edge deployments, large language learning models, public data sets, government and base models, and more. With AI infusing every aspect of how we connect, there will be something for everyone in this track.

What will you learn?

Attending sessions in this track will provide you with an opportunity to learn about how network, cloud and edge providers are putting AI to work. You will hear about use cases for leveraging AI for building better and more efficient networks and get an idea of how you can put it to use. Audience members will learn about the new challenges posed by AI workloads on the network and edge infrastructure and how they could be addressed.

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Securing and Automating the Open End-to-End Network

Securing your network and cloud/edge infrastructure is no longer an option. Cyber security threats are on the rise and, with continued geopolitical tensions, cyber security hardening is becoming mandatory for enterprise and infrastructure operators. Come learn from security experts as they share strategies from across the ecosystem.

Who should attend?

This track is designed for anyone working in the security space, whether directly or indirectly, who want to learn more about Zero Trust, SBOMs, supply chain security, vulnerability management, and more. While most of the sessions in this track are more technical in nature, anyone whose role touches security should explore the agenda as some content is designed for CTOs and other C-level executives.

What will you learn?

Attendees will learn about security threats for modern infrastructures and what are thebest practices for securing the E2E network. They will understand how to leverage SBOMs in different environments, why security matters in open source environments, how government agencies are collaborating on securing national infrastructure, and more.

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Deployment Use Stories: Where Slides Meet the Real World

Accelerate your open source journey by learning from end users and the vendors who support them. Hear about the good, the bad, and even the ugly from those who have implemented open netwroks and edge infrastructure, their experience in on-going operations, and ROI. (Mobile Networks and Edge)

Who should attend?

Anyone looking to implement open source solutions into production will benefit from the sessions in this track, including developers, engineers, solutions architects, CTOs, business decision makers and more.

What will you learn?

Attendees will learn the ins and outs of deploying open source projects into production from the perspectives of both SIs/vendors and service providers, including challenges, solutions and best practices. They will get a chance to learn how organizations are using these projects in the real world to implement automation, interoperability, cost-savings, and more.

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