Open Source Days

About Open Source Days

Open Source Days, hosted by the Academy Software Foundation, is the leading event dedicated to open source software for visual effects, animation and digital content creation.

Join us in-person or virtually to hear from visual effects/animation studios, software vendors, and other professionals about emerging open source projects, best practices, and the latest updates to popular open source projects.

Who Should Attend

  • Software engineers, developers, pipeline engineers, technical directors, supervisors, technical artists, and users of open source software for vfx and animation.
  • Executives, directors and open source program office leaders of organizations using or interested in open source software.
  • Technical leaders responsible for key projects, R&D or technology strategy.
  • Students, professors and academia interested in learning more about open source and how to get involved.
  • Junior developers and engineers interested in learning about open source software – no experience needed!


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