PX4 Developer Summit

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Early Bird Fee*May 3–24, 2021
Standard FeeMay 25–Sep 15, 2021


Early Bird Fee*May 3–24, 2021
Standard FeeMay 25–Sep 15, 2021


Early Bird Fee*May 3–24, 2021
Standard FeeMay 25–Sep 15, 2021


Early Bird Fee*May 3–24, 2021
Standard FeeMay 25–Sep 15, 2021

The Dronecode Foundation trusts you to self-select a fair registration rate:

Student/Academic Rate — Thanks to a Sponsorship from Auterion, all students and full-time faculty can register for FREE. Students and full-time faculty will be required to upload a photo of their valid student/Faculty ID when registering for the conference. 

Individual Rate — If you are paying for yourself to attend the PX4 Developer Summit, please register as an individual. Employees of nonprofits might also choose to register at the individual rate.

Corporate Rate — If your company is paying for you to attend the PX4 Developer Summit, register at the corporate rate. You will help keep the conference affordable for everyone, especially those needing financial aid. Government employees should also register at the corporate rate.

Patron Rate – This rate is for those community members who would like to support the open-source community in a big way by allowing us to increase the number of applicants we allow through the financial aid program. We guarantee you everything goes back to the community. We will make sure Patrons have special recognition during the event.

Quick Note: We never sell attendee lists or contact information, nor do we authorize others to do so. If you receive an email claiming to sell an attendee list for a Linux Foundation event, please forward it to DFevents@linuxfoundation.org.

You should have received a registration link in your acceptance email. If you did not, please contact cfp@linuxfoundation.org for more details.

A registration link was shared in an email to your company’s sponsorship contact. Please reach out to your company’s sponsorship contact if you need to register as a Sponsor. For further questions, please email DFevents@linuxfoundation.org.

If you are a member of the media interested in attending this event and have not received a complimentary access code to attend, please contact DFevents@linuxfoundation.org and a member of our PR team will be in touch.


If you have a group of 5 or more people, you can receive a 10% discount on all passes. All pass types must be the same, and all registrations must be processed under one group registration and must be paid with the same credit card. To create a group, select “Add Another Person” to your registration. When 5 or more people are added the 10% discount will be automatically applied. Please contact DFevents@linuxfoundation.org for any questions.


Registration Invoices
You should receive an invoice upon registration, however, if you need an additional copy or an updated invoice please submit a request here

Certificates of Attendance
To request a Certificate of Attendance, please submit a request herePlease Note: We verify attendance through the registration system, and Certificate of Attendance letters are sent out after the event is completed. 


If you must cancel for any reason, log back into your registration using your confirmation number and select “unregister.” If you need further assistance, email DFevents@linuxfoundation.org.

If you would like to substitute another attendee in lieu of cancellation, return to the registration form, log in as ‘Already Registered’ and edit the registration with the new attendee’s information. Utilizing this feature will also allow you to re-issue yourself a receipt and/or confirmation should you need it.